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Brand: Meaoanr Records Model: 33C 0879 80
  J. Strauss - 33C 0879 80 Johann Strauss II (October 25, 1825 – June 3, 1899), also known as Johann Strauss, Jr., the Younger, the Son (German: Sohn), Johann Baptist Strauss, was an Austrian composer of light music, particularly dance music and opere..
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Model: PMC 7042
Rimsky-Korsakoff's - Scheherazade - PMC 7042 - LP Record Scheherazade, also commonly Sheherazade (Russian: Шехераза́да, tr. Shekherazáda, IPA: [ʂɨxʲɪrɐˈzadə]), Op. 35, is a symphonic suite composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1888 and based on One Thousand and One Nigh..
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