A Salute To Our Navy - The Indian Navy Band - 2392 817

Possibly the finest military band in the country today, the navy band has enthralled thousands of listeners at parades, beating retreat ceremonies, public performances and radio and television programmes, embarked in Indian warships on good will missions, the band has acclaimed in such faraway places as Rabat, Tokyo, Sydney, Odessa, Istanbul and london. the fons et origo of indian navy bands is INS KUNJALI at Bombay. In this city- the cultural cnetre of India - naval, musicians form the mainstay of the woodwind, brass and presussion sections of symphony orchestras. Cdr. wise is assisted by Lt. My. Gomes. VSM and Lt. C, Khan LMME.
Record Details
Title A Salute To Our Navy - The Indian Navy Band - 2392 817
Genre Instrumental Music
Language Hindi
Label Polydor
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No. 2392 817
Side One
  • The Tricolour (N. M Wise)
A Flourish of trumpets, Portraying a portraying a proudly - Fluttering national flag. heralds the opening. 
  • Ins Nilgiri (J. Rodrigues)
Dedicated to the first major warhip built in the country, this quick march was specially composed for the commissioning ceremony held in Bombay in june 1972
  • Sagar Ka Swapna (M. Gomez)
A Slow march, is indicative of "an ocean dream"
  • Deshon Ka Sartaj (R. Chowdhury /Arr F. Reid)
a soul - stirring martial song, always popular with the man in uniform 
  • Ins Delhi (N. M. Wise)
this lively march is named after india's first flagship. The Grand old Lady has since advanced in age but continues to steam full speed ahead. 
  • Bhoopali (Arr. C. Franco)
a light coposition based on the popular raga, Bhoopali, Basically, it consists of five notes which are gradually developed with a variety of tonal colours.
  • Hymn To The Republic Of India (T. Melville)
Composed as the grand finale to the colourful beating Retreat ceremony during the Navy Week Celebrations of 1972.
Side Two
  • Vijay(J. Rodrigues)
Vijay stands for victory and with the sounding off 
  • Ins Vikrant (N. M. Wise)
A quick march names after the aircraft carrier, Vikrant, Flagship of the Indian Navy.
  • Goan Folk song Medley (Arr. A. Lobo)
the Konkan coast is noted for its wealth of folk music. This medley. featuring the popular mando, has been strung together by ansher Lobo, a well - known musico' Gist of Goa.
  • Silver Jubilee (M. Gomez)
This quick march is dedicated to the 25th republic Day of India which falls on January, 26, 1974
  • Beat One (Say & Stone)
The Navy Band breaks into a popular dance number
  • Jal Sundari (C. Khan)
Portrays the ephemeral beauty of the sea, sometimes calm and placid often trubulent and treacherous. 
  • Gateway Lullaby (A. D'Mello/Arr.. J. Rodrigues)
A Haunting cradle song composed by one of bombay's leading musicians.
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent
Side1 - Song1 The Tricolour (N. M Wise)
Side1 - Song2 Ins Nilgiri (J. Rodrigues)
Side1 - Song3 Sagar Ka Swapna (M. Gomez)
Side1 - Song4 Deshon Ka Sartaj (R. Chowdhury /Arr F. Reid)
Side1 - Song5 Ins Delhi (N. M. Wise)
Side1 - Song6 Bhoopali (Arr. C. Franco)
Side1 - Song7 Hymn To The Republic Of India (T. Melville)
Side1- Song22 Goan Folk song Medley (Arr. A. Lobo)
Side2 - Song1 Vijay(J. Rodrigues)
Side2 - Song2 Ins Vikrant (N. M. Wise)
Side2 - Song3 Silver Jubilee (M. Gomez)
Side2 - Song4 Beat One (Say & Stone)
Side2 - Song5 Jal Sundari (C. Khan)
Side2 - Song6 Gateway Lullaby (A. D'Mello/Arr.. J. Rodrigues)

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A Salute To Our Navy - The Indian Navy Band - 2392 817

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