Aan Baan - MOCE 4122 - Odeon First Pressing - Cover Condition - Fair

Raja Bahadur rules his region, although fully aware that his days as King are numbered. Nevertheless, he indulges in women, alcohol, and high-living - most of which is through borrowed money, with the creditors threatening to take him to court. He even has an affair with prostitute named Dulari, who he refuses to marry, and has her brother, Kundan, sent to jail. When his brother, Suraj, returns from abroad, Bahadur decides to withhold this information from him. In order to keep up appearances, Bahadur gets his men to rob their neighbor, Hiralal's house, of all jewelery and cash. But Hiralal wakes up, calls for help and for the police, and one of Bahadur's men is arrested. When Bahadur finds out that the police have traced him to his house, Suraj decides to take the rap for him, is arrested and imprisoned. On Suraj's return, Bahadur announces his marriage to Rekha, Hiralal's daughter. The problem is that Suraj and Rekha love each other, and the question is will Suraj be willing to make... 
Record Details
Title Aan Baan - MOCE 4122 - Cover Condition - Fair
Star Cast
Rajendra Kumar, Rakhee, Pran, Jagdeep, Kum Kum, Som Dutt, Kanhaiya Lal, Baby Tabassum, Sunder, Bhagwan, Anwar Hussan, Ram Mohan, Moolchand & Indu Shivraj
Singer Mohd.Rafi, Asha Bhosle & Lata Mangeshkar
Director Prakash Mehra
Producer Malik Chand Kochar
Music Shankar Jaikishan
Lyrics Hasrat Jaipuri & Gulshan Bawra
Releasing Year 1972
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label Odeon First Pressing
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.
Serial No. MOCE 4122
Side One
  • Naam Nahin Koi Dham Nahin
  • Badnaam Ho Gaya Dil
Asha Bhosle 
  • Khati Hun Kasam
Mohd.Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar
Side Two
  • Lo Aye Hum Dulha Bhaiyya Ke Barati Banke
  • Upar Dekho Ya Neeche
  • Jab Tum Ho Mere
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition Excellent
Cover Condition Fair
Director - 1 Prakash Mehra
Lyrics - 1 Hasrat Jaipuri
Lyrics - 2 Gulshan Bawra
Music - 1 Shankar
Music - 2 Jaikishan
Producer - 1 Malik Chand Kochar
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label Odeon First Pressing
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1972
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Mohd.Rafi
Singer - 2 Asha Bhosle
Singer - 3 Lata Mangeshkar
Side1 - Song1 Naam Nahin Koi Dham Nahin
Side1 - Song2 Badnaam Ho Gaya Dil
Side1 - Song3 Khati Hun Kasam
Side2 - Song1 Lo Aye Hum Dulha Bhaiyya Ke Barati Ban
Side2 - Song2 Upar Dekho Ya Neeche Mohd.Rafi
Side2 - Song3 Jab Tum Ho Mere
Star - 1 Rajendra Kumar
Star - 2 Rakhee
Star - 3 Pran
Star - 4 Jagdeep
Star - 5 Kum Kum
Star - 6 Som Dutt
Star - 7 Kanhaiya Lal
Star - 8 Baby Tabassum
Star - 9 Sunder
Star - 10 Bhagwan

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Aan Baan - MOCE 4122 - Odeon First Pressing - Cover Condition - Fair- LP Record

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