Aasra - N. 55407 - (Condition 60-65%)

Amar Kumar is an eligible young man, and his parents feel that he should get married. They introduce him to Bishambernath, his wife, and their daughter, Roopa. Amar also gets to meet Roopa's cousin, Shobha, who is treated like a servant in their house, and is attracted to her. When Roopa finds out that Amar is showing an interest in Shobha, she physically slaps and beats Shobha senseless. Shobha, afraid of another beating from Roopa, keeps away from Amar. Amar has to go abroad for two or three years. He choses not to make any commitment as to marriage until his return. Shortly after he leaves, Roopa and her mom beat up poor Shobha again and have her thrown out. She relates this story to Amar's parents', who feel sorry for her and allow her to live at their house. Things take a turn for the worse for Shobha, when Amar's mom finds out from Roopa's mom, that Shobha had been asked to leave as she is pregnant, with the identity of the father unknown.
Record Details
Title Aasra - N. 55407 - (Condition 60-65%)
Star Cast Biswajeet, Mala Sinha, Ameeta, Jagdeep, Balraj Sahni, Nirupa Roy, David, Bela Bose, Farida Dadi, Master Shahid, Laxmi Chhaya, Polsan, Sabina, Lata Arora, Archana Kapoor & Narbada Shankar
Singer Asha Bhosle & Mohd. Rafi
Director Satyen Bose
Producer Madan Mohla
Music Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics Anand Bakshi
Releasing Year 1966
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.
Serial No. N. 55407
Side One
  • Shokhiyan Nazar Mein Hain
Mohd. Rafi
Side Two
  • Mere Soone Jeevan Ka Aasra Hai To
Asha Bhosle
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Record Condtion 60-65%
Cover Condition Excellent
Director - 1 Satyen Bose
Lyrics - 1 Anand Bakshi
Music - 1 Laxmikant
Music - 2 Pyarelal
Producer - 1 Madan Mohla
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1966
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Asha Bhosle
Singer - 2 Mohd. Rafi
Side1 - Song1 Shokhiyan Nazar Mein Hain
Side2 - Song1 Mere Soone Jeevan Ka Aasra Hai To
Star - 1 Biswajeet
Star - 2 Mala Sinha
Star - 3 Ameeta
Star - 4 Jagdeep
Star - 5 Balraj Sahni
Star - 6 Nirupa Roy
Star - 7 David
Star - 8 Bela Bose
Star - 9 Farida Dadi
Star - 10 Master Shahid

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Aasra - N.55407 - (Condition 60-65%)- 78 RPM

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