Bai Sunderabai - H. 1331 (Condition - 70-75%) - 78 RPM

M. S. Sundari Bai (1923–2006), often credited as Sundari Bai or Sundarabai, was an Indian film actress, singer and dancer who worked mainly in Tamil cinema from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Sundari Bai was the wife of writer and director Kothamangalam Subbu. Her most notable films include Aadmi (1939),Madanakamarajan (1941), Nandanar (1942), Dasi Aparanji (1944), Kannamma En Kadhali (1945), Miss Malini (1947), Chandralekha (1948), Avvaiyyar (1953), Vanjikottai Valiban (1958), Deivapiravi (1960), Padikkadha Medhai (1960) and Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal (1976)


Sundari Bai was born in Madurai in 1923, and belonged to the Saurashtra community. A family friend persuaded her parents to send her to Bombay (now Mumbai). In the 1930s, she appeared in an advertisement film.When film producer S. S. Vasan bought Krishnaswami Subrahmanyam's MPPC Studio and renamed it Gemini Studios in 1940, Sundari Bai joined Gemini as staff artiste. She appeared in a major role in Gemini's first Tamil production Madanakamarajan (1941). She played a slum girl in Nandanar (1942), while her role as a maid in Dasi Aparanji (1944) elevated her fame. She later fell in love with Kothamangalam Subbu, another member of the Gemini staff who was a writer, actor, and director, and married him. In 1945, Sundari Bai played the lead in Kannamma En Kadhali, a World War II film written by Subbu. In 1947, Gemini produced the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful Miss Malini, written and directed by Subbu, who also played the male lead. Sundari Bai acted and sang two songs in this film that became hits. She later went on to act in various films including Chandralekha, Samsaram, Moondru Pillaigal, Avvaiyar, Valliyin Selvan, Enga Veettu Mahalakshmi, Vanjikottai Valiban, Deivapiravi, Naan Kanda Sorgam, Padikkadha Medhai, Paadhai Theriyudhu Paar and Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal.

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Bai Sunderabai - N. 1331 


Bai Sunderabai


Private Songs




Zonophone Record

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The Gramophone Co.Ltd

Serial No

N. 1331 

Side One

  •  Manuga Na Hargij Dil Tum Ne Liya Hai

Bai Sunderabai

Side Two

  • Baro Umar Larkeya

Bai Sunderabai



10 Inches


78 RPM

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Cover Condition


Record Details
Genre Private Songs
Label Zonophone Record
Language Urdu
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Bai Sunderabai
Side1 - Song1 Manuga Na Hargij Dil Tum Ne Liya Hai
Side2 - Song1 Baro Umar Larkeya

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Bai Sunderabai - N.1331 - (Condition - 70-75%) - 78 RPM

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