Kamala Jharia - N. 20150 - (Condition 80-85%)

Kamala Jharia's real name was Kamala Singha. She lived in the palace of the Maharaja of Jharia (now in Dhanbad district, coal capital of India, Jharkhand state, India). Her parents probably worked in the palace in some capacity. The surname Singha is common in several Hindi speaking northern and north western states of India as also in Bengal but there is no doubt that she was a Bengalee by birth. Mr K. Mallick (real name was Qamal Malik) who at the time was a very popular gramophone singer, was invited to the palace to sing at the court of Maharaja Shiva Prasad on the occasion of his marriage. The Maharaja was so pleased with K. Mallick's performance that he appointed him court singer in Jharia. K Mallick had to stay back at Jharia for sometime during which he discovered Kamala's musical talent and brought her to Calcutta and introduced her to HMV authorities. Kamala recorded four songs for HMV and went back to Jharia. She was paid sixty five Rupees only for the four songs. Her first published record was a red label one, numbered N 3137 in 1930. The songs were a) Priya Jeno Prem Bhulo Na, a Ghazal and b) Nithur Nayan Baan Keno Hano, a Dadra. Lyricist for both the songs was _Dhiren Das_. The authorities had some problem in naming the artiste. They knew her name but not her surname. They could not credit her as Miss Kamala because there was already one singer of the same name. Finally it was decided to identify her as Miss Kamala (Jharia) keeping in mind her then usual place of residence and thus began her illustrious musical career.
Record Details
Title Kamala Jharia - N. 20150 - (Condition 80-85%)
Singer Kamala Jharai
Music Tulsi Lahiri
Lyrics Faiaz Hashmi
Genre Ghazals
Language Urdu
Labe HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company of India Limited
Serial No. N. 20150
Side One
  • Na Tum Mere Na Dil Mera

Kamala Jharai
Side Two
  • Masto Ke Jo Usool Hain

Kamala Jharai
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Record Condtion 80-85%
Cover Condition Excellent


Lyrics - 1 Faiaz Hashmi
Music - 1 Tulsi Lahiri
Record Details
Genre Ghazals
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Kamala Jharia
Side1 - Song1 Na Tum Mere Na Dil Mera
Side2 - Song1 Masto Ke Jo Usool Hain

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Kamala Jharia - N.20150 - (Condition 80-85%)

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