Angurbala - P. 10610 – (Condition -  90-95%) - 78 RPM

Angurbala was born on the seventh day of Sravan in the Bengalee year 1313 which should be around July, 1896. According to some she was born in the village of Indas of Burdwan district of undivided Bengal while some others say that her place of birth was in the Cossipore area of Calcutta. There appears to be some confusion also regarding the name of her father who was an army officer. Some say it is Bijoli Bhushan Banerjee but some others give the name as Sudhir Kumar Banerjee. Her mother's name was Harimati. Her real name was Prabhabati while Nera was the name by which her mother called her. She received primary education in her village with scholarship showing that apart from singing and acting talents, she was also a good student as well. Nevertheless she had to quit formal education and had to join the stage and took to singing professionally at an early age for reasons of poverty. Her first training in music was from Mr. Amulya Majumder, who was a friend of her father. Later on she was given music lessons by Ustad Jeet Prasad. Khayal and Thumri lessons were provided by Ustad Ram Prasad Mishra. Ustad Jamiruddin Khan also taught her Thumris. Dance master Lalit Mohan Goswami took the little girl to Star Theatre where she could earn some money to support her family. At the same time the name of Angurbala was given to her by Lalit Goswami for the stage and in this name she went ahead in her career as a performing artiste on the stage, on the screen and last but not the least music. Her first encounter with the stage was when she was about eight under the guidance of dramatist Nripendra Chandra Basu in minor roles. Her services on the stage was necessitated in 1912 when in the Cornwallis Theatre a play Muktar Mukti failed to draw the audience in spite of Miss Kusum Kumari in the leading role. Dramatist Manilal Ganguly came to the rescue of the theatre with the idea that songs by a well trained singer could bring back the public to the stage. Thus Angurbala was cast in a singing role in the play and as anticipated there were large crowds to see her live on the stage. The song was Bhorer Pakhir Sure Sure Mathay Baje Bina Benu in raag Bharavi tuned by none other than Manilal Ganguly. Thereafter Angurbala became a regular artiste on the stage and performed in plays like Ratneswarer Mandir 1922 at the Cornwallis and Baruna 1923, Atmadarshan 1925, Satyabhama 1925, Tulsidas 1926, Byapika Biday 1926, Jug Mahatmo 1926, Nartaki 1927, Satyer Sandhane 1928 and Jatichyuta 1928 each at Minerva Theatre. At Manomohan Theatre she took part in Jahangir 1929, Shree 1929, rangapakhi 1930, Desher Dak 1930, Abhijaat 1931, Kalir Samudramanthan 1931, Bamanabataar 1933 and Shiba Shakti 1935. Angurbala also appeared in different plays at the star Theatre, Rangmahal, Kalika and other stages in Calcutta.

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Angurbala - P. 10610




Private Songs





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The Gramophone Company Ltd.

Serial No

P. 10610

Side One

  • Kon Kehta Hai Bure Waqt Mai Yawar Apna


Side Two

  • Waqt Kesh Kya Darbadar Jayenge




10 Inches


78 RPM

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Record Details
Genre Private Songs
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Angurbala
Side1 - Song1 Kon Kehta Hai Bure Waqt Mai Yawar Apna
Side2 - Song1 Waqt Kesh Kya Darbadar Jayenge

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Angurbala - P. 10610 - (Condition - 90-95%) - 78 RPM

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