Aaya Toofan - N. 54513 (Condition 85-90%) - 789 RPM

After his father is killed by a bandit by the name of Bharat of Chandravan, Naagsen is crowned King, and he rules his kingdom along with his wife, Rani Kundala, and sister, Rajkumari Chanda. Naagsen is not satiated with Kundala, and has an affair with Dancer, Kala, who he houses in a palace of her own. When the King of Kamroo, who is also a magician, abducts Chanda, she is rescued by a brave warrior, Deepu, who asks Naagsen for her hand in marriage. Naagsen is displeased and asks for the bloodline of Deepu, and when he finds out that Deepu is the son of Bharat, he has him arrested and placed in the dungeon. But Chanda helps him escape as both have fallen in love with each other. Naagsen hatches a scheme with Kala, and as a result, Deepu is lured back into the palace, arrested, and jailed. Deepu's friend, Mallu, a snake charmer, manages to free Deepu, only to have him re-captured, jailed, blinded, and he, along with Chanda, banished from the kingdom. A Princess with no livelihood ... 
Record Details
Title Aaya Toofan - N. 54513
Star Cast Dara Singh Randhawa, Nishi, Helen, Anwar & Maruti
Singer Lata Mangeshkar & Usha Mangeshkar
Director Kedar Kapoor & Mohd Husain
Producer R. M. Art Productions
Music Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics Asad Bhopali
Releasing Year 1964
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Ltd.
Serial No N. 54513
Side One
  • Tohar Naam Leke Chhoda
Lata Mangeshkar & Usha Mangeshkar
Side Two
  • Aapne Kya Kha
Lata Mangeshkar 
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Record Condtion 85-90%
Cover Condition Excellent
Director - 1 Kedar Kapoor
Director - 2 Mohd Husain
Lyrics - 1 Asad Bhopali
Music - 1 Laxmikant
Music - 2 Pyarelal
Producer - 1 R. M. Art Productions
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1964
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Lata Mangeshkar
Singer - 2 Usha Mangeshkar
Side1 - Song1 Tohar Naam Leke Chhoda
Side2 - Song1 Aapne Kya Kha
Star - 1 Dara Singh Randhawa
Star - 2 Nishi
Star - 3 Helen
Star - 4 Anwar
Star - 5 Maruti

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Aaya Toofan - N.54513 (Condition 85-90%) - 78 RPM

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