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Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record
Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record
Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record
Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record
Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record
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Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record
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Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724 - LP Record

Umrao Jaan is a 1981 Bollywood film, directed by Muzaffar Ali. It is based on the Urdu novel Umrao Jaan Ada (1905), written by Mirza Hadi Ruswa based on the famous Lucknow courtesan. The film starred Bollywood actress Rekha and Farooq Shaikh as leads.

Story -

In the year 1840, a girl named Amiran (Seema Sathyu) is kidnapped from her family in Faizabad, Oudh by their neighbour, Dilawar Khan (Satish Shah), and sold to Madam Khanum Jaan (Shaukat Kaifi) who owns a brothel in Lucknow where she trains courtesans (tawaif). Amiran, renamed Umrao Jaan, learns to read, write, dance, and sing. She is a cultured woman trained to captivate men of wealth and taste.

A grown-up Umrao Jaan (Rekha) catches the eye of Nawab Sultan (Farooq Shaikh), and the two fall in love. But Nawab must marry to please his family, and Umrao's heart is broken.

She meets a dashing bandit chieftain, Faiz Ali (Raj Babbar), who woos and wins her. She flees with him, hoping to marry him and leave the world of the courtesan far behind. But her lover is killed by local police and she is left alone, with no choice but to return to her old life.

Soon, the British attack the city of Lucknow and the residents are forced to flee. Umrao's party of refugees stops in a small village near Lucknow. The residents ask the courtesan to sing and dance. Umrao, looking about her, realizes that this is her town, Faizabad, the place from which she was kidnapped.

She sings the song, "Yeh kya jagah hai doston?" (What kind of place is this, friends?) a veiled reference to her feelings of dismay at being treated like a pariah entertainer by her own people. Afterwards, she meets her mother and younger brother, who had thought that she was dead. Her mother would be happy to welcome her back into the family, but her brother forbids it — she is tainted by her profession and must not return to embarrass them.

At the end of the film, Umrao returns to the now-deserted and looted brothel in Lucknow and finds she is left alone, with nothing but her profession and her poetry.

Record Details


Umrao Jaan - ECLP 5724


Rekha, Raj Babbar, Seema Sathyu, Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh, Umme Farwa, Shaukat Kaifi, Dina Pathak, Prema, Narayan, Gajanan Jagirdar & Bharat Bhushan


Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Kaur, Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Shahida Khan, Runa Prasad & Talat Aziz 


Muzaffar Ali


S.K. Jain




Shahryar & Traditional

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No

ECLP 5724

Side One

  • Dil  Cheez Kya Hai

Asha Bhosle

  • Justuju Jiski Thi

Asha Bhosle

  • Kahe Ko Byahe Bides

Jagjit Kaur

  • Pratham Dhar Dhyan Raag Mala

Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Shahida Khan & Runa Prasad

Side Two

  • In Aankhon Ki Masti

Asha Bhosle

  • Zindagi Jab Bhi

Talat Aziz

  • Yeh Kya Jageh Hai Doston

Asha Bhosle

  • Jab Bhi Milti Hai

Asha Bhosle

  • Jhoola Kinne Dala

Shahida Khan



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


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Director - 1Muzaffar Ali
Lyrics - 1Shahryar
Lyrics - 2Traditional
Music - 1Khayyam
Producer - 1S.K. Jain
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year1981
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Asha Bhosle
Singer - 2Jagjit Kaur
Singer - 3Ghulam Mustafa Khan
Singer - 4Shahida Khan
Singer - 5Runa Prasad
Singer - 6Talat Aziz
Side1 - Song1Dil Cheez Kya Hai
Side1 - Song2Justuju Jiski Thi
Side1 - Song3Kahe Ko Byahe Bides
Side1 - Song4Pratham Dhar Dhyan Raag Mala
Side2 - Song1In Aankhon Ki Masti
Side2 - Song2Zindagi Jab Bhi
Side2 - Song3Yeh Kya Jageh Hai Doston
Side2 - Song4Jab Bhi Milti Hai
Side2 - Song5Jhoola Kinne Dala
Star - 1 Rekha
Star - 2Raj Babbar
Star - 3Seema Sathyu
Star - 4Naseeruddin Shah
Star - 5Farooq Shaikh
Star - 6Umme Farwa
Star - 7Shaukat Kaifi
Star - 8Dina Pathak
Star - 9Prema
Star - 10Narayan
Star - 11Gajanan Jagirdar
Star - 12Bharat Bhushan