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Thumriyan - ECSD 2748 - LP Record
Thumriyan - ECSD 2748 - LP Record
Thumriyan - ECSD 2748 - LP Record
Thumriyan - ECSD 2748 - LP Record
Thumriyan - ECSD 2748 - LP Record
Thumriyan - ECSD 2748 - LP Record
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Thumriyan - ECSD 2748

Thumri (Devnagari: ठुमरी, Nastaliq: ٹھمری) is a common genre of semi-classical Indian music.

The text is romantic or devotional in nature, and usually revolves around a girl's love for Krishna. The lyrics are usually in Uttar Pradeshdialects of Hindi called Awadhi and Brij Bhasha. Thumri is characterized by its sensuality, and by a greater flexibility with the raga.
Thumri is also used as a generic name for some other, even lighter, forms such as Dadra, Hori, Kajari, Saavan, Jhoola, and Chaiti, even though each of them has its own structure and content — either lyrical or musical or both — and so the exposition of these forms vary. Like Indian classical music itself, some of these forms have their origin in folk literature and music.
Record Details
TitleThumriyan - ECSD 2748
SingerNirmala Devi, Hira Devi Mishra, Girja Devi, Parween Sultana, Lakshmi Shankar & Shobha Gurtu 
MusicUstad Abdul Rahman Khan 
TablaUstad Nizamuddin Khan
GenreIndian Classical (Vocal)
Releasing Year 1975
Made InIndia
ManufactureThe Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No.ECSD 2748
Side One
  • Ro Ro Nain Ganwaye Sajna Na Aaye -  ​Mishra Shivranjini : Taal Kaharwa 

Nirmala Devi 

  • Mora Saiyan Bulawe Adhi Raat - Des :   Taal Kaharwa 
Hira Devi Mishra 
  • Nahak Laye Gawanwa - Bhairvin   (Purab Ang) Taal Deepchandi 
Girja Devi 
Side Two
  • Tum Radhe Bano Shyam - Pilu : Taal ​ Deepchandi
Parween Sultana 
  • Shyam Bina Nahin Chain - Khamaj : Taal Deepchandi
Lakshmi Shankar 
  • Chhod Gaya Sajan Mera - Bhairvin  (Punjab Ang) Taal Kaharwa
Shobha Gurtu 
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Record CondtionExcellent
Cover ConditionExcellent


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Artist - 1Nizamuddin Khan
Instrument - 1Tabla
Music - 1Abdul Rahman Khan
Record Details
GenreIndian Classical (Vocal)
Releasing Year1975
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Nirmala Devi
Singer - 2Hira Devi Mishra
Singer - 3Girja Devi
Singer - 4Parween Sultana
Singer - 5Lakshmi Shankar
Singer - 6Shobha Gurtu
Side1 - Song1Ro Ro Nain Ganwaye Sajna Na Aaye
Side1 - Song2Mora Saiyan Bulawe Adhi Raat
Side1 - Song3Nahak Laye Gawanwa
Side2 - Song1Tum Radhe Bano Shyam
Side2 - Song2Shyam Bina Nahin Chain
Side2 - Song3Chhod Gaya Sajan Mera