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Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
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Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record
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Tere Naam - SFLP 25 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record

Radhe Mohan (Salman Khan) is a college rowdy who uses violence as the only way to deal with people. He lives with his brother, a Magistrate (Sachin Khedekar), and his sister-in-law (Savita Prabhune), who is the only person who seems to understand him properly. Radhe wins the elections to the college's Students Union, which is followed by celebrations and on-campus fighting between the rival candidates. Radhe has many sycophants surrounding him. He comes across a timid girl, Nirjara (Bhumika Chawla), who is the daughter of a poor temple priest, falls crazily in love with her due to her simplicity and innocence and starts to woo her. Radhe expresses his feelings for her, but she initially rejects him, which leaves Radhe heartbroken. One day, Nirjara's fiance Rameshwar (Ravi Kishan) tells Nirjara that Radhe seems rude from outside but is golden-hearted from inside,[clarification needed] and he truly loves her. Nirjara feels warm for Radhe, but then Radhe kidnaps her, threatens her with rape and violence but justifies that by saying that he loves her. Nirjara then apologizes to him and falls in love with him. After Nirjara falls in love with him, Radhe is attacked by brothel goons, who take revenge on him after he interferes with their business. Radhe suffers brain damage and ends up in a mental institution (Ashram). With amnesia and having developed unusual behavior, he starts to remember things. At one point, he returns to normal and tries to escape by climbing over the gates, but falls and ends up   with serious injuries. Nirjara visits Radhe while he is asleep and healing from his injuries. She leaves with this woeful memory of him. As she is about to leave the institution, Radhe wakes up and realizes that she had come to see him. He calls out for Nirjara, but she does not hear him. Insistent upon seeing her again, he makes another attempt to leave the institution and this time is successful. When he arrives at her house, he learns that Nirjara committed suicide during her wedding to another man, as she loses a hope of reuniting with Radhe. Distraught after what he saw, he just walks out, and his previous friends and his family try to help him regain his memory. Despite being aware of what is happening, Radhe pretends to be unconscious. At that point, wardens from the mental institution come to take him back.   Radhe lives with them as he has nothing to live for after his true love's death.

Record Details


Tere Naam - SFLP 25

Star Cast

Salman Khan, Bhumika Chawla, Sachin Khedekar, Savita Prabhune, Sarfaraz Khan, Ravi Kissen, Anang Desai, Mahima Choudhary & Satish Kaushik


Satish Kaushik


Sunil Manchanda & Mukesh Talreja


Alka Yagnik, K K, Kamaal Khan, Shaan, Sukhwinder Singh, Udit Narayan & Raghav


Himesh Reshammiya & Sajid-Wajid


Jalees Sherwani & Sameer

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



Super Cassettes Industries Pvt Ltd

Serial No


Side One

  • Tere Naam

Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik

  • Lagan Lagi

Sukhwinder Singh

  • O Jaana

Udit Narayan, Kamaal Khan, K.K., Alka Yagnik & Shaan

  • Tune Saath Jo Mera Chhoda

Udit Narayan & Raghav

Side Two


  • Oodhni

Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik

  • Tumse Milna

Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik

  • Kyo Kisi Ko

Udit Narayan

  • Chand

Udit Narayan



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition 


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Director - 1Satish Kaushik
Lyrics - 1Jalees Sherwani
Lyrics - 2Sameer
Music - 1Himesh Reshammiya
Music - 2Sajid
Music - 3Wajid
Producer - 1Sunil Manchanda
Producer - 2Mukesh Talreja
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year2003
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Alka Yagnik
Singer - 2K K
Singer - 3Kamaal Khan
Singer - 4Shaan
Singer - 5Sukhwinder Singh
Singer - 6Udit Narayan
Singer - 7Raghav
Side1 - Song1Tere Naam
Side1 - Song2Lagan Lagi
Side1 - Song3O Jaana
Side1 - Song4Tune Saath Jo Mera Chhoda
Side2 - Song1Oodhni
Side2 - Song2Tumse Milna
Side2 - Song3Kyo Kisi Ko
Side2 - Song4Chand
Star - 1Salman Khan
Star - 2Bhumika Chawla
Star - 3Sachin Khedekar
Star - 4Savita Prabhune
Star - 5Sarfaraz Khan
Star - 6Ravi Kissen
Star - 7Anang Desai
Star - 8Mahima Choudhary
Star - 9Satish Kaushik