Tanu Weds Manu Returns - 8907011125802 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record

In London, four years later in their marriage, Tanu and Manu visit a mental rehabilitation center where they start bickering at each other. Because of Tanu's various allegations, Manu gets enraged, and is later taken by the doctors into custody suspecting his mental health. Tanu's friend Payal calls her from India and tells Tanu that she gave birth to a baby girl. Being alone at city, Tanu decides to return to her hometown, Kanpur. While leaving London, Tanu rings Manu's friend Pappi in Delhi and tells him to come to London and release Manu. In Kanpur in her parents home, Tanu finds a crafty law student called Chintu has become a lodger who refuses to pay or leave. Chintu befriends Tanu and slowly develops a crush on her, being bemused by her antics. Tanu also comes to know that her ex-boyfriend, Raja Awasthi (Jimmy Shergill), is getting engaged to another girl. Pappi reaches London and gets Manu out and they reach India, where Manu sends a legal notice to Tanu to make her apologize, but she does not respond. One day Manu goes to Delhi University to give a medical speech, where he sees Kusum, a young Haryanvi student-athlete, who looks like Tanu. He slowly gets obsessed with Kusum and keeps following her despite Pappi's warning. One day after Kusum confronts them, Manu tells her about Tanu. Kusum sympathises and they gradually develop feelings for each other. Manu tells Kusum he wants to marry her and meets Omi, her elder brother. Omi has no issues with Manu but shows a picture of the boy his wife wanted Kusum to marry, who turns out to be Raja. Payal calls Tanu and confides that her newborn baby's father is not her husband Jassi. Chintu gets jealous of Raja going around with Tanu and tells her father about it. He even sends Manu a nasty legal notice for a divorce, without Tanu's consent, but Manu responds by agreeing, which shocks Tanu. She confronts Chintu who says he loves her but Raja shoves him off. Raja also discovers his engagement is being called off as Manu is going to marry the new girl in his life. Both Raja and Tanu are enraged and decide to go to Delhi to confront Manu. Manu, Kusum and Pappi travel to Chandigarh to convince Komal, Payal's sister-in-law whom Pappi loves, to run away from her wedding with Pappi instead. There Kusum is mistaken by everyone at the wedding as Tanu, including by Payal, who tells her she had a test-tube baby secretly as Jassi had azoospermia. Kusum gets frantic on hearing these secrets and gives Payal a karate chop which knocks her out. She also gives Komal a karate chop too and they smuggle her to Jhajjar, where Kusum's villagers are waiting. But once her family finds out she loves Manu, they attack Manu and Pappi and lock up Kusum. Omi arrives and saves the day with his logic. The village agrees to Kusum and Manu's marriage. As wedding preparations start Tanu and Raja reach there with Jassi, Payal, their baby and Manu's parents. Tanu makes fun of Kusum who snaps at her saying she is a state-level champion who is independent, loving and honest. She also reveals the truth behind Payal's baby in front of Jassi. A shocked and drunk Tanu meets Manu at night who brutally brushes off her love. In the morning, Tanu tells Kusum she is sorry about her behaviour and would like to stay and help at their wedding. Payal and Jassi are reunited. On the wedding evening, Tanu gets drunk and dances in front of Manu in the baraat. Her parents arrive with Chintu and are shocked to see Tanu shattered as Manu leaves for his marriage. Tanu sits quietly as Manu is marrying Kusum, until Kusum stops and confronts Manu, who confesses he still loves Tanu and cannot marry Kusum. Kusum honourably releases him and walks off, to break down privately. Tanu and Manu are joyously reunited. Kusum comes out to find drunken Chintu, delivering an angry speech. She gives him a karate chop.

Record Details


Tanu Weds Manu Returns - 8907011125802

Star Cast

Kangana Ranaut, R. Madhavan, Jimmy Shergill, Deepak Dobriyal, Swara Bhaskar, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Dhanush & Dipti Mishra


Brijesh Shandllya, Swati Sharma, Ankit Tiwari, Jyoti Noora, Anmoll Malik, Kalpana Gandharv, Dev Negi, Sonu Nigam & Sunidhi Chauhan


Aanand. L. Rai


Sunil A Lulla & Krishika Lulla


Krsna Sold, Tanishk & Vayu


Vayu & Raj Shekhar

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack




EROS Music

Made In




Serial No


Side One

  • Banno

Brijesh Shandllya & Swati Sharma

  • Mat Ja Re

Ankit Tiwari

  • Ghani Bawri

Jyoti Noora

  • Old School Girl

Anmoll Malik

  • Old School Girl (Haryanvi)

Kalpana Gandharv

Side Two


  • Ho Gaya Hai Pyar

Dev Negi

  • O Sathi Mere

Sonu Nigam

  • Ghani Bawari Remix

Jyoti Noora

  • Move On

Sunidhi Chauhan



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition 


Director - 1 Aanand. L. Rai
Lyrics - 1 Raj Shekhar
Lyrics - 2 Vayu
Music - 1 Krsna Sold
Music - 2 Tanishk
Music - 3 Vayu
Producer - 1 Sunil A Lulla
Producer - 2 Krishika Lulla
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label EROS Music
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 2015
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Brijesh Shandllya
Singer - 2 Swati Sharma
Singer - 3 Ankit Tiwari
Singer - 4 Jyoti Noora
Singer - 5 Anmoll Malik
Singer - 6 Kalpana Gandharv
Singer - 7 Dev Negi
Singer - 8 Sonu Nigam
Singer - 9 Sunidhi Chauhan
Side1 - Song1 Banno
Side1 - Song2 Mat Ja Re
Side1 - Song3 Ghani Bawri
Side1 - Song4 Old School Girl
Side1 - Song5 Old School Girl (Haryanvi)
Side2 - Song1 Ho Gaya Hai Pyar
Side2 - Song2 O Sathi Mere
Side2 - Song3 Ghani Bawari Remix
Side2 - Song4 Move On
Star - 1 Kangana Ranaut
Star - 2 R. Madhavan
Star - 3 Jimmy Shergill
Star - 4 Deepak Dobriyal
Star - 5 Swara Bhaskar
Star - 6 Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub
Star - 7 Dhanush
Star - 8 Dipti Mishra

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns - 8907011125802 - Cover Book Fold - LP Record

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