Talat Mahmood - (Romantically Yours) - ECLP 2905 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record

Talat Mahmood (24 February 1924 – 9 May 1998) is considered one of the greatest male Indian non-classical and semi-classical singers. He was a born singer with an intuitive sense of beauty, charm and grace. He was an Indian playback singer. Although he tried his luck as a film actor, he didn't succeed a great deal in acting.Talat received Padma Bhushan in 1992, in recognition of his artistic contributions in the spheres of cinematic and ghazal music.he had a unique, elegant and profoundly artistic style of singing. Talat was a very gifted singer in every sense. He was particularly famous for singing soft and sombre semi-classical and non-classical ghazals, but the film songs sung by him are also considered critically flawless and outstanding. Although Talat's typical genre was Ghazal, he was an astoundingly brilliant film singer who sung innumerable fantastic film songs.Romantic and tragic were the moods he liked most and it was he who helped a great deal in shaping the style and method of modern ghazal singing. He can be described as the real founder of modern semi-classical and non-classical ghazal. During the 1950s and 60s, Talat was the first choice of the high-brow literary and artistic community of Indian sub-continent, especially Urdu-speaking community. Even his cancelled songs were immensely popular among them. No other singer had such intellectually high-class and learned audience at the time with an exception of Manna Dey. Talat's voice has often been described as the softest male voice of the Indian sub-continent; not only this, but his voice is also considered among the most soulful male voices ever heard in the Indian sub-continent.Talat Mahmood was born in Lucknow,Talat Mehmood was the real founder of modern semi-classical and non-classical ghazal. So, his influence upon other contemporary and succeeding ghazal singers has been broad and profound. It was he who paved the way for such legendary ghazal singers as Mehdi Hassan and Jagjit Singh. Hence he will always be placed very high for his contributions to transform and revitalize the whole art and form ghazal singing.

Talat sang approximately 800 songs spread over 4 decades spanning between the 40s and 80s. Some of the most popular work of Talat is available even today with the following titles:

Golden Collection of Talat Mahmood (CD 131015-16)

Talat Mahmood in a Sentimental Mood (CD 132335)

Evergreen Hits of Talat Mahmood (CD 132017)

Record Details


Talat Mahmood - (Romantically Yours) - ECLP 2905


Talat Mahmood


Khayyam, Ramzan Khan, Hamid Husain, Murli Manohar Swarup, Yunus Malik, Kamid Hussan & C. K. Chauhan


Jan Nisar Akhtar, Faiyaz Hashmi, Shakeel Badayuni, Ameet Meenai, Maulana Anwar Sabri, Khawar Zaman, Madhukar Rajasthani, Taskeen Qureshi, Zafar Gorakhpuri, Mirza Ghalib, Momin, Raaz Allahabadi & Sahibzada Baqar Ali Khan

Releasing Year



Private Songs





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No

ECLP 2905

 Side One

  • Tujh Men Jo Baat Hai 

Talat Mahmood

  • Yaad Dilvate Hain Woh 

Talat Mahmood

  • Peene Ki Hamko Adat

Talat Mahmood

  • Tumhen Aah Banke Jalaoonge

Talat Mahmood

  • Ankhon Se Door Subah Ke Tare

Talat Mahmood

  • Unse Ummeed E Roonumai Hai 

Talat Mahmood

  • Uski Hasrat Hai Jise Dil Se Mita Bhi Na Sakoon

Talat Mahmood

  • Naseeb E Deeda O Dil Azma Ke Laut Aaye

Talat Mahmood

 Side Two

  • Pyar Ki Mahfil Teri Sahi 

Talat Mahmood

  • Thahero Zara Ek Pal 

Talat Mahmood

  • Kuchh Aur Poochhiyen

Talat Mahmood

  • Asman Par Koi Ummeed Ka 

Talat Mahmood

  • Bas Ke Dushwar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasan Hona 

Talat Mahmood

  • Asar Usko Zara Nahin Hota

Talat Mahmood

  • Mujhe Kuchh Khabar Bhi Na Ho Saki 

Talat Mahmood

  • Bigde Hue Nazeeb Ka Afsana Hi To Hoon 

Talat Mahmood



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Lyrics - 1 Jan Nisar Akhtar
Lyrics - 2 Faiyaz Hashmi
Lyrics - 3 Shakeel Badayuni
Lyrics - 4 Ameet Meenai
Lyrics - 5 Maulana Anwar Sabri
Lyrics - 6 Khawar Zaman
Lyrics - 7 Madhukar Rajasthani
Lyrics - 8 Taskeen Qureshi
Lyrics - 9 Zafar Gorakhpuri
Lyrics - 10 Mirza Ghalib
Lyrics - 11 Momin
Lyrics - 12 Raaz Allahabadi
Lyrics - 13 Sahibzada Baqar Ali Khan
Music - 1 Khayyam
Music - 2 Ramzan Khan
Music - 3 Hamid Husain
Music - 4 Kamid Hussan
Music - 5 Yunus Malik
Music - 6 C. K. Chauhan
Music - 7 Murli Manohar Swarup
Record Details
Genre Private Songs
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1982
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Talat Mahmood
Side1 - Song1 Tujh Men Jo Baat Hai
Side1 - Song2 Yaad Dilvate Hain Woh
Side1 - Song3 Peene Ki Hamko Adat
Side1 - Song4 Tumhen Aah Banke Jalaoonge
Side1 - Song5 Ankhon Se Door Subah Ke Tare
Side1 - Song6 Unse Ummeed E Roonumai Hai
Side1 - Song7 Uski Hasrat Hai Jise Dil Se Mita Bhi Na Sakoon
Side1 - Song8 Naseeb E Deeda O Dil Azma Ke Laut Aaye
Side2 - Song1 Pyar Ki Mahfil Teri Sahi
Side2 - Song2 Thahero Zara Ek Pal
Side2 - Song3 Kuchh Aur Poochhiyen
Side2 - Song4 Asman Par Koi Ummeed Ka
Side2 - Song5 Bas Ke Dushwar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasan Hona
Side2 - Song6 Asar Usko Zara Nahin Hota
Side2 - Song7 Mujhe Kuchh Khabar Bhi Na Ho Saki
Side2 - Song8 Bigde Hue Nazeeb Ka Afsana Hi To Hoon

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Talat Mahmood - (Romantically Yours) - ECLP 2905 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record

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