Talat Mahmood - In A Blue Mood - 3AEX 5224 - LP Record

Talat Mahmood (Hindi: तलत महमूद, Urdu: طلعت محمود‎) (February 1924 – 9 May 1998) is considered one of the greatest male non-classical and semi-classical singers of Indian sub-continent who conquered innumerable hearts and stirred countless souls with his beautifully soft silken voice and profoundly artistic subtle method of singing. He was a born singer with an intuitive sense of beauty, charm and grace. He was truly a legendary Indian playback singer. Although he tried his luck as a film actor, he couldn't succeed a great deal in acting. He had a good sense of acting, but the public of his day was more interested in listening to him than seeing him on the silver screen alongside the likes of, the infinitely sublime, Dilip Kumar, the elegant, Ashok Kumar, the charming, Raj Kapoor, and the stylish, Dev Anand.Talat received Padma Bhushan in 1992, in recognition of his profound artistic contributions in the spheres of cinematic and ghazal music. he had a unique, elegant and profoundly artistic style of singing. Talat was a very gifted singer in every sense. He was particularly famous for singing soft and sombre semi-classical   and non-classical ghazals, but the film songs sung by him are also considered critically flawless and outstanding. Although Talat's typical genre was Ghazal, but he was an astoundingly brilliant film singer who sung innumerable fantastic film songs. Romantic and tragic were the moods, he liked most and it was him who helped a great deal in shaping the style and method of modern ghazal singing. He can honestly be described as the real founder of modern semi-classical and non-classical ghazal. During the 1950s and 60s, Talat used to be the first choice of the high-brow literary and artistic community of Indian sub-continent, especially Urdu-speaking community. Even, his cancelled songs were immensely popular among them. No other singer had such intellectually high-class and learned audience at the time. Talat's voice has often been described as the softest male voice of Indian sub-continent, not only this, but his voice is also considered among the most soulful male   voices ever heard in the Indian sub-continent.It is often said that Talat Mehmood is the name of a very valuable acquired taste, once one developed it, he would never seize to love and cherish it, and would grow fonder and fonder of it for the rest of his life. Talat's lovably artistic singing keeps evoking in him a better and better aesthetic sense and the faculty of recognizing beauty, even in its subtlest forms, it makes him capable of extracting aesthetic pleasure, even in its most unfamiliar disguises, as he listens to him over a period of time.

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Talat Mahmood - In A Blue Mood - 3AEX 5224 


Talat Mahmood


Sajjad, Roshan, Shankar jaikishan, Sadar malik, Babul, Khayyam, Madan Mohan, Salil Chowdhury & Jaidev


Rajindar Krishan, Satyendra, Shailendra, Majaz, Sakeel Badayuni, Sardar Jafri, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan & Nyaya Sharma. 

Releasing Year



Film Hits





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No.

3AEX 5224

Side One

  • Ye Hawa Ye Raat (Sangdil)

Talat Mahmood

  • Main Dil Hun Ek Armaan Bhara (Anhonee)

Talat Mahmood

  • Hain Sub Se Madhur Wo Geet (Patita)

Talat Mahmood

  • Ae Gham-E-Dil (Thokar)

Talat Mahmood

  • Husn Walon Ko (Babul)

Talat Mahmood

  • Sham-E-Gham Ki Qasam (Footh Path)

Talat Mahmood

Side Two

  • Mari Yaad Men (Madhosh)

Talat Mahmood

  • Ansu Samajh Ke (Chhaya)

Talat Mahmood

  • Dekh Li Teri Khudai (kinare Kinare)

Talat Mahmood

  • Raat Ne Kya Kya (Ek Gaon Ki Kahani)

Talat Mahmood

  • Hum Se Aaya Na Gaya (Dekh Kabira Roya)

Talat Mahmood

  • Main pagal Mera Manwa pagal (Ashiana)

Talat Mahmood



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Lyrics - 1 Rajindar Krishan
Lyrics - 2 Satyendra
Lyrics - 3 Shailandra
Lyrics - 4 Majaz
Lyrics - 5 Sakeel Badayuni
Lyrics - 6 Sardar Jafri
Lyrics - 7 Majrooh Sultanpuri
Lyrics - 8 Raja Mehdi Ali Khan
Lyrics - 9 Nyaya Sharma
Music - 1 Sajjad
Music - 2 Roshan
Music - 3 Shankar
Music - 4 Jaikishan
Music - 5 Sadar malik
Music - 6 Babul
Music - 7 Khayyam
Music - 8 Madan Mohan
Music - 9 Salil Chowdhury
Music - 10 Jaidev
Record Details
Genre Film Hits
Label Odeon
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1969
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Talat Mahmood
Side1 - Song1 Ye Hawa Ye Raat (Sangdil)
Side1 - Song2 Main Dil Hun Ek Armaan Bhara (Anhonee)
Side1 - Song3 Hain Sub Se Madhur Wo Geet (Patita)
Side1 - Song4 Ae Gham-E-Dil (Thokar)
Side1 - Song5 Husn Walon Ko (Babul)
Side1 - Song6 Sham-E-Gham Ki Qasam (Footh Path)
Side2 - Song1 Mari Yaad Men (Madhosh)
Side2 - Song2 Ansu Samajh Ke (Chhaya)
Side2 - Song3 Dekh Li Teri Khudai (kinare Kinare)
Side2 - Song4 Raat Ne Kya Kya (Ek Gaon Ki Kahani)
Side2 - Song5 Hum Se Aaya Na Gaya (Dekh Kabira Roya)
Side2 - Song6 Main Pagal Mera Manwa pagal (Ashiana)

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Talat Mahmood - In A Blue Mood - 3AEX 5224 - LP Record

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