Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan - EASD 1296 - LP Record

Ravi Shankar (Bengali: রবি শংকর; born Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury on 7 April 1920), often referred to by the title Pandit, is an Indian musician and composer who plays the plucked string instrument sitar. He has been described as the most known contemporary Indian musician.

Shankar was born in Varanasi and spent his youth touring Europe and India with the dance group of his brother Uday Shankar. He gave up dancing in 1938 to study sitar playing under court musician Allauddin Khan. After finishing his studies in 1944, Shankar worked as a composer, creating the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray, and was music director of All India Radio, New Delhi, from 1949 to 1956.

Ali Akbar Khan
Ali Akbar Khan (Bengali: আলী আকবর খাঁ) (14 April 1922 – 18 June 2009), often referred to as Khansahib or by the title Ustad (master), was a Hindustani classical musician of the Maihar gharana, known for his virtuosity in playing the sarod. Khan was instrumental in popularizing Indian classical music in the West, both as a performer (often in conjunction with Sitar maestro Ravi Shankar), and as a teacher. He established a music school in Calcutta in 1956, and the Ali Akbar College of Music in 1967, which is now located in San Rafael, California and has a branch in Basel, Switzerland. Khan also composed several classical ragas and film scores. He was a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Music at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Record Details
Title Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan- EASD 1296
Artists Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan & Alla Rakha
Sitar Ravi Shankar
Sarod Ali Akbar Khan
Tabla Alla Rakha
Instrumental Sitar, Sarod & Tabla
Releasing Year 1965
Genre Indian Classical (Instrumental)
Language Hindi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No. EASD 1296
Side One
  • Raga 'Shree'
Alap, Jor and Jhala followed by a Gat in Jhaptal, Raga Shree is believed to be one of the most important, basic Ragas of the Hindustani system. Its character is very serious. Raga shree is known traditionally as an early evening Raga. The Second and Sixth notes are raised (Sharp or Tivra). One of the most distinguishing factors about this Raga is that the Second note is 'atikomal' which means that it is more flat than usual. Some people say that the Sixth note should be treated in the same way. The ascending structure omits the Third and Sixth notes.
Side Two
  • Raga 'Sindhu Bhairavi'

SINDHU BHAIRAVI is one of the most popular Morning Ragas. This item opens with an Alap in Thumree style, whiich in this instance is done in the Ao-Char Alap style. meaning that only a quick survey of the raga is given in order to present the mood. Gats are presented in Dadra and Teental (both compositions of Ravi Shankar) and the item ends in a fast jhala.

Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent



Artist - 1 Ravi Shankar
Artist - 2 Ali Akbar Khan
Artist - 3 Alla Rakha
Instrument - 1 Sitar
Instrument - 2 Sarod
Instrument - 13 Tabla
Record Details
Genre Indian Classical (Instrumental)
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1965
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Side1 - Song1 Raga Shree
Side2 - Song1 Raga Sindhu Bhairavi

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Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan - EASD 1296 - LP Record

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