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Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record
Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record
Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record
Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record
Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record
Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record
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Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189 - Odeon First Pressing - LP Record

Pinjra is the tragic story of a school teacher and a dancer. The 'cage' here is a metaphor for life. The dancer dies as she falls for the teacher and is unable to save him. The teacher prefers to die under mistaken identity, rather than live as a man who has lost respect. This is a story of how death frees them from their cages. The film is a loose adaptation of the first major German sound film "Der Blaue Engel".

A "Mastar" named Shridhar pant(guruji) (Marathi version of 'Master') is an upright school teacher; a man of high morals. Unfortunately, the Maharashtrian village where he teaches does not value these qualities. A Tamasha group comes to the village. The lead dancer of the group, Chandrakala (Sandhya Shantaram) steals the heart of every man in the village. The teacher is righteously infuriated by their lack of morals. He vents his anger on the dance group in form of a speech and by demolishing their temporary dwelling places. The dancer is hurt by this and decides to take revenge by staying and performing. Gradually, even adult school students start skipping class to see Tamasha. The teacher decides to confront the dancer after a performance. During a performance, she is badly injured and in humanity and humility guruji helps her. During this period, he is overwhelmed by lust that he had never before encountered. Horrified he asks her to keep it a secret.

Record Details


Pinjra - S/MOCE 4189

Star Cast

Shriram Lagoo, Sandhya, Nilu Phule, Vatsala Deshmukh & Bhalchandra Kulkarni.


V. Shantaram


V. Shantaram Productions Pvt. Ltd.


Lata Mangeshkar, Manhar Udhas, Manna Dey & Mahendra Kapoor


Ram Kadam


Bharat Vyas

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack




Odeon First Pressing

Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No.

S/MOCE 4189

Side One

  • Main Patne Ki Hoon Naar 

Lata Mangeshkar &  Chorus

  • O Natakhata Kanha

Manhar Udhas, Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus

  • Sajan Mat Ja

Lata Mangeshkar

  • Kisi Julmi Ne Yad Kiya

Lata Mangeshkar, Manhar Udhas & Chorus

Side Two

  • Pinjra So Pinjra

Manna Dey

  • Najariyone Leli Hajaron Ki Jaan

Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus

  • Nakhredar Chali 

Mahendra Kapoor & Chorus

  • Kaisi Kismat Ne Ki Hai Yeh Thitholi

Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey & Chorus

  • Chamkare Chanda Mora

Lata Mangeshkar & Chorus



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condtion


Cover Condition


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Director - 1V. Shantaram
Lyrics - 1Bharat Vyas
Music - 1Ram Kadam
Producer - 1V. Shantaram
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
LabelOdeon First Pressing
Releasing Year1972
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Mahendra Kapoor
Singer - 2Lata Mangeshkar
Singer - 3Manna Dey
Singer - 4Manhar Udhas
Side1 - Song1Main Patne Ki Hoon Naar
Side1 - Song2O Natakhata Kanha
Side1 - Song3Sajan Mat Ja
Side1 - Song4Kisi Julmi Ne Yad Kiya
Side2 - Song1Pinjra So Pinjra
Side2 - Song2Najariyone Leli Hajaron Ki Jaan
Side2 - Song3Nakhredar Chali
Side2 - Song4Kaisi Kismat Ne Ki Hai Yeh Thitholi
Side2 - Song5Chamkare Chanda Mora
Star - 1Shriram Lagoo
Star - 2Sandhya
Star - 3Nilu Phule
Star - 4Vatsala Deshmukh
Star - 5Bhalchandra Kulkarni