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Man Mandir - EALP 4060
Man Mandir - EALP 4060
Man Mandir - EALP 4060
Man Mandir - EALP 4060
Man Mandir - EALP 4060
Man Mandir - EALP 4060
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Man Mandir - EALP 4060

Orphaned at a very young age, Deepak and his sister, Laxmi, live a poor lifestyle. Deepak is introduced to Krishna and soon both get married and live together with Krishna's brother, Ramu. Deepak drives a taxi and it is through his earnings that they all live on. Soon Krishna gets pregnant, much to the delight of the entire household. Ramu has fallen into bad company and steals Krishna's necklace to throw a party for his friends. A kind-hearted wealthy Jeweler, Shyam Lal, returns the necklace to Deepak, as Deepak had returned his suitcase full of cash. Shyam would like his doctor son, Shankar, to get married to Laxmi. A delighted Deepak arranges a meeting at the Lals residence. It is at this meeting that Deepak's life will be turned upside down, for this is where he will find that Laxmi is pregnant; shock and tragedy will follow when shortly thereafter Ramu will be run down by a car; his wife will give birth to a baby boy and pass away.
Record Details
Title Man Mandir - EALP 4060
Star Cast
Sanjeev Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Sudesh Kumar, David Abraham, Sunder, Randhir, Onkar Ahmad, Jagdish Raj, Aruna Irani, Manorma & Mac Mohan
Director Tapi Chanakya
Producer Vijayashree
Music Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics Rajinder Krishan
Movie Releasing Year 1971
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial no EALP 4060
Side One
  • Ae Meri Ankhon Ke Pahle Sapne (Sad)
Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh
  • Jadoogar Tere Naina
Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar
  • Aja Aja 
Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle
Side Two
  • Munna Jayega Bazar
Suman Kalyanpur
  • Kahiye Ji Kya Loge 
Asha Bhosle
  • Ae Meri Ankhon Ke Pahle Sapne (Happy)
Lata Mangeshkar & Mukesh
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent


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Director - 1Tapi Chanakya
Lyrics - 1Rajinder Krishan
Music - 1Laxmikant
Music - 2Pyarelal
Producer - 1Vijayashree
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year1971
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Lata Mangeshkar
Singer - 2Asha Bhosle
Singer - 3Kishore Kumar
Singer - 4Suman Kalyanpur
Singer - 5Mukesh
Side1 - Song1Ae Meri Ankhon Ke Pahle Sapne (Sad)
Side1 - Song2Jadoogar Tere Naina
Side1 - Song3Aja Aja
Side2 - Song1Munna Jayega Bazaar
Side2 - Song2Kahiye JI Kya Loge
Side2 - Song3Ae Meri Ankhon Ke Pahle Sapne (Happy)
Star - 1Sanjeev Kumar
Star - 2Waheeda Rehman
Star - 3Sudesh Kumar
Star - 4David Abraham
Star - 5Sunder
Star - 6Randhir
Star - 7Onkar Ahmad
Star - 8Jagdish Raj
Star - 9Aruna Irani
Star - 10Manorma