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Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
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Kaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)

The Munim (Clerk) in Ranimaa's family lives with his son, Kaushal and daughter, Madhavi. After he passes away, Ranimaa brings up both children as her own, along with her only son, Rajesh. Years later, Rajesh has grown up and is of marriageable age. He meets with beautiful Bhanu Saxena and both fall in love with each other. Shortly thereafter, in a boating accident, Kaushal passes away, leaving behind a devastated Madhavi, Rajesh, who blames himself for his death, and Ranimaa. A few months later, Rajesh gets married to Bhanu and she moves in with them. Bhanu dislikes Madhavi and would like her out of the way, she goes to the extent of accusing her of having an affair with her husband. Under pressure, Madhavi goes to kill herself, and is rescued by a young man named Moti. Rajesh likes Moti and would like him to marry Madhavi, to which he agrees. After the marriage, Madhavi bids adieu to Ranimaa.
Record Details
TitleKaajal - 3AEX 5076 - (Condition 80-85%)
Star Cast
Meena Kumari, Dharmendra, Raaj Kumar, Padmini, Helen, Durga Khote, Tun Tun, Ramayan Tiwari, Gajanan Jagirdar & Keshav Rana.
DirectorRam Maheshwari
LyricsSahir Ludhianvi
Movie Releasing Year1966
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Made InIndia
ManufactureThe Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No.3AEX 5076
Side One
  • Tora Man Darpan
Asha Bhosle
  • Mudat Ki Tamnaon Ka Sila
Mahendra Kapoor
  • Samjhi Thi Ke Yeh Ghar Mera Hai
Asha Bhosle
  • Yeh Zulf Agar 
Mohd. Rafi
  • Zarasi Aur Pilado
Mohd. Rafi & Asha Bhosle
Side Two
  • Chhu Lene Do
Mohd. Rafi
  • Aap Ke Paas 
Mahendra Kapoor
  • Mera Bhaiya
Asha Bhosle
  • Agar Na Mile Tum
Asha Bhosle & Mahendra Kapoor
  • Mehfil Men Teri
Asha Bhosle & Mohd. Rafi
  • Chhun Chhun Ghungaru Bole
Asha Bhosle
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Record Condtion80-85%
Cover ConditionExcellent


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Director - 1Ram Maheshwari
Lyrics - 1Sahir Ludhianvi
Music - 1Ravi
Producer - 1Kalpanalok
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year1966
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Asha Bhosle
Singer - 2Mahendra Kapoor
Singer - 3Mohd. Rafi
Side1 - Song1Tora Man Darpan
Side1 - Song2Mudat Ki Tamnaon Ka Sila
Side1 - Song3Samjhi Thi Ke Yeh Ghar Mera Hai
Side1 - Song4Yeh Zulf Agar
Side1 - Song5Zarasi Aur Pilado
Side2 - Song1Chhu Lene Do
Side2 - Song2Aap Ke Paas
Side2 - Song3Mera Bhaiya
Side2 - Song4Agar Na Mile Tum
Side2 - Song5Mehfil Men Teri
Side2 - Song6Chhun Chhun Ghungaru Bole
Star - 1Dharmendra
Star - 2Meena Kumari
Star - 3Padmini
Star - 4Raj Kumar
Star - 5Helen
Star - 6Durga Khote
Star - 7Tun Tun
Star - 8Ramayan Tiwari
Star - 9Gajanan Jagirdar
Star - 10Keshav Rana