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Jiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715 - EP Record
Jiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715 - EP Record
Jiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715 - EP Record
Jiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715 - EP Record
Jiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715 - EP Record
Jiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715 - EP Record
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Jiyo To Aise Jiyo -7EPE 7715 - EP Record

Three brothers live together after the death of their parents. The eldest, Ramprasad, is married to Laxmi; the second, Jagdish, is married to Pinky; while the youngest, Kundan, is yet to marry. After Jagdish's marriage to Pinky, all kinds of misunderstandings crop up between Jagdish, Ramprasad, & Pinky on one hand, and Kundan on the other, and as a result they ask Kundan to leave. Kundan is on his own, unemployed, homeless, and wihtout any money. Ramprasad and Jagdish move to a bunglow in the city. Kundan does well for himself, and is now the proud owner of a garage, lives in a nice bunglow, and is married to Vidya. Meanwhile at Jagdish's, a large sum of money is missing. The police are called-in, and after a preliminary investigation they conclude that the money
Record Details
TitleJiyo To Aise Jiyo - 7EPE 7715
SingerMahendra Kapoor, Usha Mangeshkar & Jaywant Kulkarni
Star CastArun Govil, Debashree Roy, Jayashree Gadkar, Neelam Mehra, Vijay Arora, Ram Mohan, T P Jain & Goga Kapoor
DirectorKanak Mishra
ProducerTarachand Barjatya
LyricsNaqsh Lyallpuri & Ravinder Rawal
Releasing Year1981
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Made InIndia
ManufactureThe Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.
Serial No7EPE 7715
Side One
  • Tu Dhulhan Hai Deewane Ki
Mahendra Kapoor & Usha Mangeshkar
  • Bagiya Mein Khile
Usha Mangeshkar
Side Two
  • Kisne Dikhaya Tha Bata Tujhe
Bhupinder Singh, Jaywant Kulkarni & Chorus
Size7 Inches
Speed45 RPM
Record ConditionExcellent
Cover ConditionExcellent

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Director - 1Kanak Mishra
Lyrics - 1Naqsh Lyallpuri
Lyrics - 2Ravinder Rawal
Music - 1Raamlaxman
Producer - 1Tarachand Barjatya
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year1981
Size7 Inches
Speed45 RPM
Singer - 1Mahendra Kapoor
Singer - 2Usha Mangeshkar
Singer - 3Jaywant Kulkarni
Side1 - Song1Tu Dhulhan Hai Deewane Ki
Side1 - Song2Bagiya Mein Khile
Side2 - Song1Kisne Dikhaya Tha Bata Tujhe
Star - 1Arun Govil
Star - 2Debashree Roy
Star - 3Jayashree Gadkar
Star - 4Neelam Mehra
Star - 5Vijay Arora
Star - 6Ram Mohan
Star - 7T P Jain
Star - 8Goga Kapoor