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Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record
Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record
Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record
Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record
Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record
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Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record
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Holiday - 8907011120180 - LP Record

Virat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar), Captain in D.I.A., a secret wing of Indian Army, returns to his home in Mumbai on a holiday. On his arrival, his parents rush him to see Saiba Thapar (Sonakshi Sinha), who they wanted him to marry. But Virat rejects her with an excuse that she is old fashioned and not his type. On the contrary, Saiba is a professional boxer, and is completely modern in her outlook. Virat notices her in a boxing match and falls in love with her instantly. One day, while traveling in a bus with his friend sub-inspector Mukund "Makhiya" Deshmukh (Sumeet Raghavan), Virat, while chasing a man who he regards with suspicion when he tries to flee the scene of a check going on after a passenger reports his wallet as stolen, witnesses a bomb explosion killing innocent people. Virat manages to capture the man who planted the bomb but he escapes from the hospital with the help of a police officer. Virat kidnaps the terrorist again, tortures him to ascertain the name of the police officer and also forces corrupt police officer Ashok Gaikwad (Gireesh Sahedev) to commit suicide. He later discovers that a terrorist group has planned serial blasts in Mumbai to be executed in a couple of days with the help of 12 sleeper agents. Virat remembers that on the day when the bombs are going to be planted, there is a wedding where his team member Joel (Randheer Rai) is tying the knot and all his Army officer friends are going to assemble. Along with his fellow Army officers and Mukund, Virat manages to track these bombers and kills them before they could trigger the bombs. When the leader of these sleeper cells, Shadab Ali Farooqui (Freddy Daruwala) finds out about the team of officers involved in the failure of the terrorist attack, he goes to Joel's (Randheer Rai) house and kills his family and finds an album which has photos of team officers. He targets one officer's female relative from each team and kidnapes them. When Virat realizes the plan, he substitutes one of the girls to be kidnapped, with his younger sister Priti (Cherry Mardia). Using his pet dog Rocky and his sister's dupatta, he manages to reach the terrorist's hideout. He eliminates all the terrorists and rescues all the victims including his sister, who was about to be killed after Virat's bluff was exposed. Virat also captures Asif Ali (Dipendra Sharma), who was the leader of the group but later kills him on realizing that Asif is just the second-in-command of the sleeper cells. When this attack fails, Shadab decides to target Virat himself. He kills Kapil and his family, he being one of the army officers and forces Virat to surrender. Virat decides to sacrifice his life and plans a suicide attack by instructing Mukund and his fellow officers to follow him via a tracking chip inserted in his arm and plant a bomb at the terrorists' hideout. Virat then drives to a port in various cars, as instructed by Shadab and ends up on a ship full of terrorists. To his shock, Virat finds out that the cars he was asked to drive had bombs in them, which will frame him and his team as terrorists and also boost their plans to recruit sleeper cells in Indian Army with the help of Joint Defense Secretary of India — Mr. Alvin D'souza (Zakir Hussain), who is also a member of this terrorist group. Meanwhile, Joel (Randheer Rai) who was in touch with Mukund as instructed by Virat, plants a bomb at the base of the ship. Virat has a one-on-one fight with Shadab and escapes with him on a boat before the ship explodes, also later killing Shadab. The film ends with Virat forcing Alvin D'souza to commit suicide and later returning to guard the border along with his team.

Record Details


Holiday - 8907011120180

Star Cast

Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Freddy Daruwala, Sumeet Raghavan & Sahedev Girish


A. R. Murugadoss


Vipul Shah & Aruna Bhatia


Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma, Piyush Kapoor, Benny Dayal, Mika Singh, Ritu Pathak & Kunal Ganjawala


Kaushik & Pritam


Irshad Kamil & Sukumar Dutta

Releasing Year



Orignal Soundtrack




Zee Music Co

Made In




Serial No.


Side One

  • Tu Hi Toh Hai (Promo Version)

Benny Dayal

  • Aaj Dil Shayarana

Arijit Singh

  • Palang Tod

Mika Singh & Ritu Pathak

  • Blame The Night

Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma & Piyush Kapoor

Side Two

  • Ashq Na Ho

Arijit Singh

  • Palang Tod Naina (Version 2)

Mika Singh & Ritu Pathak

  • Tu Hi Toh Hai (Version 2)

Kunal Ganjawala



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


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Director - 1A. R. Murugadoss
Lyrics - 1Irshad Kamil
Lyrics - 2Sukumar Dutta
Music - 1Kaushik
Music - 2Pritam
Producer - 1Vipul Shah
Producer - 2Aruna Bhatia
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
LabelZee Music Co
LanguageHindi & Haryanvi
Releasing Year2014
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Arijit Singh
Singer - 2Aditi Singh Sharma
Singer - 3Piyush Kapoor
Singer - 4Benny Dayal
Singer - 5Mika Singh
Singer - 6Ritu Pathak
Singer - 7Kunal Ganjawala
Side1 - Song1Tu Hi Toh Hai (Promo Version)
Side1 - Song2Aaj Dil Shayarana
Side1 - Song3Palang Tod
Side1 - Song4Blame The Night
Side2 - Song1Ashq Na Ho
Side2 - Song2Palang Tod Naina (Version 2)
Side2 - Song3Tu Hi Toh Hai (Version 2)
Star - 1Akshay Kumar
Star - 2Sonakshi Sinha
Star - 3Freddy Daruwala
Star - 4Sumeet Raghavan
Star - 5Sahedev Girish