Heer Ranjha - Punjabi Film - HDLP 5054 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record

Heer Ranjha (Gurmukhi: ਹੀਰ ਰਾਂਝਾ; Shahmukhi & Urdu: ہیر رانجھا) is a Pakistani Punjabi film released in 1970,[2] based on the classic epic story of Heer Ranjha by the Sufi poet Waris Shah.The film revolves around Heer (Firdous), a girl born into a wealthy family, and Ranjha (Ejaz Durrani) the youngest of four brothers, whose journey from his own village takes him to the village where Heer lives after the wives of his brothers refuse him food and mock him. Here, he meets and falls in love with Heer after she offers him work tending her family's cattle.However her jealous uncle Kaido has other plans and will stop at nothing to make sure their marriage does not happen.When Heer is subsequently forced by her father to marry another man, Saida Khera, she broken-heartedly enters a shrine. Ranjha, reciting the name of "Allah", eventually finds her and they are reunited. Their happiness does not last long, as Ranjha is arrested by the local ruler, although he is soon freed and permitted to marry Heer.On their wedding day, however, Heer's jealous uncle Kaido poisons her, Ranjha after hearing the calls of Heer's soul screaming his name, comes to realize that her uncle Kaido has killed her. In the film's climax, Ranjha kills Kaido with his own walking stick and then collapses and dies, meeting Heer in the afterlife.

Record Details


Heer Ranjha - Punjabi Film - HDLP 5054

Star Cast

Ajmal, Ejaz Durranias, Firdous, Najmul Hussain, Zamurrud, Munawar Zarif & Zubeida


Masood Pervaiz


Ejaz Durrani


Noor Jehan, Ghulam Ali, Mujib Alam, Irene Parveen, Masood Rana & Naseem Begum


Khawaja Khurshid Anwar


Ahmad Rahi

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack




Deepa Record

Serial No.

HDLP 5054

Side One

  • Story & Songs

Side Two

  • Story & Songs



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Director - 1 Masood Pervaiz
Lyrics - 1 Ahmad Rahi
Music - 1 Khawaja Khurshid Anwar
Producer - 1 Ejaz Durrani
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label Deepa Record
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1970
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Noor Jehan
Singer - 2 Ghulam Ali
Singer - 3 Mujib Alam
Singer - 4 Irene Parveen
Singer - 5 Masood Rana
Singer - 6 Naseem Begum
Side1 - Song1 Story & Songs
Side2 - Song1 Story & Songs
Star - 1 Ajmal
Star - 2 Ejaz Durranias
Star - 3 Firdous
Star - 4 Najmul Hussain
Star - 5 Zamurrud
Star - 6 Munawar Zarif
Star - 7 Zubeida

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Heer Ranjha - Abridged Story With Songs - Punjabi Film - HDLP 5054 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record

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