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Hasti - PMLP 4082 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record
Hasti - PMLP 4082 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record
Hasti - PMLP 4082 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record
Hasti - PMLP 4082 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record
Hasti - PMLP 4082 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record
Hasti - PMLP 4082 - (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record
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Hasti - PMLP 4082 – (Condition 90-95%) - LP Record

Hasti (Hindi: हस्ती) is a 1993 Bollywood film directed by Ashok Gaekwad and produced by Sandeep D. Shinde. It stars Jackie Shroff, Naseeruddin Shah, Nagma and Varsha Usgaonkar in pivotal roles.

Plot Summary -

Narang is an accomplished and wealthy industrialist who lives with his daughter, Neena, in a palatial home. His daughter is now of marriageable age, and he would like her to marry his associates, Bhisham, son, Vicky. But Neena is in love with a much poorer man named Jaikishan alias Jaggu. When Neena informs her father that she would like to marry Jaggu, he summons Jaggu's mom, Shanti, and instantly recognizes her from his questionable past. He belittles her, humiliates her and asks her to leave his house. When Jaggu finds out he goes to meet Narang, and asks him to change his decision, but he too gets insulted, and is asked to leave, never to see nor speak to Neena again. Jaggu promises him that he will return within one year and by that time he will be even more wealthy than Narang. Jaggu befriends a homeless man named Vishal and together they set forth to meet Jaggu's deadline. Things are going pretty well for Jaggu, as he has been able to get a sizable loan from a bank, and has started his own construction business. This success has got him enemies, and one day someone places a bomb in his car. Jaggu survives, but is critically wounded and in need of blood. His blood group is the same as that of Vishal - but Vishal refuses to give any blood to save Jaggu. Shanti is shocked and appalled at this, and sets forth to find out why her son's closest friend refuses to help him in this dire time of need.

Record Details


Hasti - PMLP 4082

Star Cast

Jackie Shroff, Nagma, Varsha Usgaonkar, Naseruddin Shah, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Laxmikant Berde, Vikas Anand, Rakesh Bedi, Ghanshyam, Gulshan Grover, Shafi Inamdaar, Aruna Irani, Achyut Potdar & Rajesh Puri


Ashok Gaikwad


Sandeep D. Shinde


Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Abhijeet, Mukul Aggarwal, Suresh Wadkar, Amit Kumar, Anuradha Paudwal & Sadhana Sargam


Anand Milind



Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No

PMLP 4082

Side One

  • Meri Kasam Teri Kasam

Udit Narayan & Anuradha Paudwal

  • Aage Se Peeche Se

Abhijeet, Udit Narayan & Mukul Aggarwal

  • Main Pyasi Nadiya Hoon

Suresh Wadkar & Sadhana Sargam

Side Two

  •  Ladka Ladki Se Phansa

Amit Kumar & Sadhana Sargam

  • Hissa Hai Tu Meri Zindagi Ka

Udit Narayan

  • Mat Poochh Mere Mehboob

Kumar Sanu, Mukul Aggarwal & Sadhana Sargam



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


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Director - 1Ashok Gaikwad
Lyrics - 1Sameer
Music - 1Anand
Music - 2Milind
Producer - 1Sandeep D. Shinde
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year1992
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1Abhijeet
Singer - 2Kumar Sanu
Singer - 3Udit Narayan
Singer - 4Mukul Aggarwal
Singer - 5Anuradha Paudwal
Singer - 6Suresh Wadkar
Singer - 7 Amit Kumar
Singer - 8Sadhana Sargam
Side1 - Song1Meri Kasam Teri Kasam
Side1 - Song2Aage Se Peeche Se
Side1 - Song3Main Pyasi Nadiya Hoon
Side2 - Song1Ladka Ladki Se Phansa
Side2 - Song2Hissa Hai Tu Meri Zindagi Ka
Side2 - Song3Mat Poochh Mere Mehboob
Star - 1Jackie Shroff
Star - 2Nagma
Star - 3Varsha Usgaonkar
Star - 4Naseruddin Shah
Star - 5Sadashiv Amrapurkar
Star - 6Laxmikant Berde
Star - 7Vikas Anand
Star - 8Rakesh Bedi
Star - 9Ghanshyam
Star - 10Gulshan Grover
Star - 11Shafi Inamdaar
Star - 12Aruna Irani
Star - 13Achyut Potdar
Star - 14Rajesh Puri