Hammond Organ Dance Party - MER 344 - (Condition - 85-90%) - LP Reord

The Hammond organ is an electric organ, invented by Laurens Hammond and John M. Hanert[6] and first manufactured in 1935.[7] Various models have been produced, most of which use sliding drawbars to specify a variety of sounds. Until 1975, Hammond organs generated sound by creating an electric current from rotating a metal tonewheel near an electromagnetic pickup, and then strengthening the signal with an amplifier so it can drive a speaker cabinet. Around two million Hammond organs have been manufactured. The organ is commonly used with, and associated with, the Leslie speaker.

The organ was originally marketed and sold by the Hammond Organ Company to churches as a lower-cost alternative to the wind-driven pipe organ, or instead of a piano. It quickly became popular with professional jazz musicians in organ trios, a small group centered on the Hammond organ. Organ trios were hired by jazz club owners, who found that organ trios were a much cheaper alternative to hiring a big band. Jimmy Smith's use of the Hammond B-3, with its additional harmonic percussion feature, inspired a generation of organ players, and its use became more widespread in the 1960s and 1970s in rhythm and blues, rock, and reggae, as well as being an important instrument in progressive rock.

The Hammond Organ Company struggled financially during the 1970s, as they abandoned tonewheel organs and switched to manufacturing instruments using integrated circuits. These instruments were not as popular with musicians as the tonewheels had been, and the company went out of business in 1985. The Hammond name was purchased by the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation, which proceeded to manufacture digital simulations of the most popular tonewheel organs. This culminated in the production of the "New B-3" in 2002, which provided an accurate recreation of the original B-3 organ using modern digital technology.

Hammond-Suzuki continues to manufacture a variety of organs for both professional players and churches. Other companies, such as Korg, Roland, and Clavia, have also achieved success in providing more lightweight and portable emulations of the original tonewheel organs. The sound of a tonewheel Hammond can also be emulated using modern software such as Native Instruments B4.

Record Details


Hammond Organ Dance Party - MER 344


A Damil U.S.A


Jagger, Richards, Arre. L. Muller, F. Lai, J. South, G. Harrison, Anka Thibault, Franciis, Revaux, John Lennon, Myers &  Warsley


Hammond Organ


Private Songs



Releasing Year



Gold Award

Made In

U. S.A.


A Damil USA Production

Serial No.

MER 344

Side One

  • (I Never Promised You) A Rose Garden
  • My Sweet Lord
  • My Way
  • Power To The People
  • Rising Sun
  • Jack In The Box

Side Two

  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Jashua
  • Blues For The Keyboard
  • Theme From Love Story
  • La Bamba
  • Down By The Riverside - Jericho



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Instrument - 1 Hammond Organ
Lyrics - 1 Jagger
Lyrics - 2 Richards
Lyrics - 3 Arre. L. Muller
Lyrics - 4 F. Lai
Lyrics - 5 J. South
Lyrics - 6 G. Harrison
Lyrics - 7 Anka Thibault
Lyrics - 8 Franciis
Lyrics - 9 Revaux
Lyrics - 10 John Lennon
Lyrics - 11 Myers
Lyrics - 12 Warsley
Producer - 1 A Damil U.S.A
Record Details
Genre Private Songs
Label Gold Award
Language English
Releasing Year 1971
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Side1 - Song1 (I Never Promised You) A Rose Garden
Side1 - Song2 My Sweet Lord
Side1 - Song3 My Way
Side1 - Song4 Power To The People
Side1 - Song5 Rising Sun
Side1 - Song6 Jack In The Box
Side2 - Song1 Ruby Tuesday
Side2 - Song2 Jashua
Side2 - Song3 Blues For The Keyboard
Side2 - Song4 Theme From Love Story
Side2 - Song5 La Bamba
Side2 - Song6 Down By The Riverside - Jericho

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Hammond Organ Dance Party - MER 344 - (Condition - 85-90%) - LP Reord

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