Enoch Light and the Charleston City All Star - The Roaring 20's - Volume 1 - GA 33 327 - (Condition 75-80%) - LP Record

Enoch Henry Light (18 August 1905, in Canton, Ohio – 31 July 1978, in Redding, Connecticut) was a classically trained violinist, danceband leader, and recording engineer. As the leader of various dance bands that recorded as early as March 1927 and continuing through at least 1940, Light and his band primarily worked in various hotels in New York. For a time in 1928 he also led a band in Paris. In the 1930s Light also studied conducting with the French conductor Maurice Frigara in Paris.

Throughout the 1930s, Light and his outfits were steadily employed in the generally more upscale hotel restaurants and ballrooms in New York that catered to providing polite ambiance for dining and functional dance music of current popular songs rather than out and out jazz. (It must be remembered that at the time there was always some crossover between popular and jazz music and that the most successful bandleaders frequently played a mixture of both to some extent in order to cater to the demands of their audiences, although the bands employed in swank hotel ballrooms were generally far more subdued in nature.

Record Details


Enoch Light and the Charleston City All Star - The Roaring 20's - Volume 1 - GA 33 327


Enoch Light


Tracy Sugarman, Jack Lesberg, Terry Snyder, George Barnes, Nick Perito, Ezelle Watson, Milt Yanier, Paul Ricci, Bobby Byrne & Charlie Margulis


Bass, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone & Trumpet


Cecil Mack, Henry Busse, Henry Lange, James Price Johnson, Lou Davis, Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach, Buddy G. De Sylva, Joseph Meyer, Ernie Erdman, Gus Kahn, Robert King, Ted Fiorito, Leo Wood, Walter Donaldson, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson, Frank Silver, Irving Cohn, Clarence Williams & Lucy Fletcher


Private Songs




Grand Award

Made In

U. S. A


Grand Award Record Corpo.

Serial No.

GA 33 327

Side One

  • Charleston

Enoch Light

  • Hot Lips

Enoch Light

  • Who

Enoch Light

  • If You Knew Susie

Enoch Light

  • Toot Toot Tootsie

Enoch Light

  • Somebody Stole My Gal

Enoch Light

Side Two

  • Yes Sir, That's My Baby

Enoch Light

  • Charlie My Boy

Enoch Light

  • Black Bottom

Enoch Light

  • Button Up Your Overcoat

Enoch Light

  • Yes, We Have No Bananas

Enoch Light

  • Side By Side

Enoch Light



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Artist - 1 Tracy Sugarman
Artist - 2 Jack Lesberg
Artist - 3 Terry Snyder
Artist - 4 George Barnes
Artist - 5 Nick Perito
Artist - 6 Ezelle Watson
Artist - 7 Milt Yanier
Artist - 8 Paul Ricci
Artist - 9 Bobby Byrne
Artist - 10 Charlie Margulis
Instrument - 1 Bass
Instrument - 2 Guitar
Instrument - 5 Trombone
Instrument - 6 Trumpet
Instrument - 13 Piano
Instrument - 14 Saxophone
Lyrics - 1 Cecil Mack
Lyrics - 2 Henry Busse
Lyrics - 3 Henry Lange
Lyrics - 4 James Price Johnson
Lyrics - 5 Lou Davis
Lyrics - 6 Jerome Kern
Lyrics - 7 Oscar Hammerstein II
Lyrics - 8 Otto Harbach
Lyrics - 9 Buddy G. De Sylva
Lyrics - 10 Joseph Meyer
Lyrics - 11 Ernie Erdman
Lyrics - 12 Gus Kahn
Lyrics - 13 Robert King
Lyrics - 14 Ted Fiorito
Lyrics - 15 Leo Wood
Record Details
Genre Private Songs
Label Grand Award
Language English
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Enoch Light
Side1 - Song1 Charleston
Side1 - Song2 Hot Lips
Side1 - Song3 Who
Side1 - Song4 If You Knew Susie
Side1 - Song5 Toot Toot Tootsie
Side1 - Song6 Somebody Stole My Gal
Side2 - Song1 Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Side2 - Song2 Charlie My Boy
Side2 - Song3 Black Bottom
Side2 - Song4 Button Up Your Overcoat
Side2 - Song5 Yes, We Have No Bananas
Side2 - Song6 Side By Side

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Enoch Light and the Charleston City All Star - The Roaring 20's - Volume 1 - GA 33 327 - (Condition 75-80%) - LP Record

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