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Denon - PMA-50 - Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier
Denon - PMA-50 - Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier
Denon - PMA-50 - Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier
Denon - PMA-50 - Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier
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Denon - PMA-50 - Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier
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Denon - PMA-50 - Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier


Witness the birth of a new Denon Hi-Fi series. The PMA-50 Stereo Amplifier has been created for serious Hi-Fi listeners looking for a compact and high quality design that meets their lifestyle. At the same time, it features next generation music playback options by o­ ering a unique range of digital inputs, including optical, coaxial, USB-B, and even wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It delivers Denon High Quality Sound thanks to the integrated Advanced AL32 Processing. It emits High Resolution audio up to 192kHz/24bit, comes with DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz capability and thus delivers a new level of sound quality from any source.

Advanced AL32 Digital Audio Processing

For the ultimate fi delity with 16-bit, 20-bit and 24-bit digital audio tracks, the PMA-50 features Denon’s Advanced AL32 digital audio processing system. Featured on Denon’s premium audiophile disc players and digital audio components, Advanced AL32 processing upconverts, digitally fi lters and noise-shapes lower bit data to full 32-bits, delivering remarkable dynamic range and noticeably better low level resolution. Your favorite digital audio tracks have never sounded better.

DAC Master Clock design

In order to reduce jitter, Master Clock is re-generated in the PWM modulator. This Denon Master Clock design ensures that sound is correctly localized and your sound space is thoroughly realistic.

Full digital power amplifi er for powerful and detailed sound

The amplifi er section incorporates DDFA® technology from CSR. The output stage circuit has a discrete construction which realizes higher Signal-to-Noise-ratio and lower distortion compared to conventional class D amplifiers. This advanced amplifier system delivers superior audio fi delity along with high amplifi er e ciency at 50W into 4 ohms. The premium grade multi-way speaker connectors let you connect speaker cables via bare wire, pin connectors as well as banana plug connectors.

USB-B Input for High resolution Audio including PCM and DSD

Via the USB-B input, you can connect your Mac or PC to the PMA-50 and enjoy high resolution audio tracks. The PMA-50 can play high resolution PCM files of up to 24-bits/192-kHz along with high resolution DSD 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz fi les (DSD is the advanced digital audio coding system of SACD). A USB-A to USBB cable is included. To eliminate induced digital noise via the USB input, the PMA-50 features a dedicated noise isolation block prior to the digital amplifier and D/A conversion block that prevents digital noise from degrading the audio fi delity.

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