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Denon – DP 200 USB – Fully Automatic Turntable System
Denon – DP 200 USB – Fully Automatic Turntable System
Denon – DP 200 USB – Fully Automatic Turntable System
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Denon – DP 200 USB – Fully Automatic Turntable System
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Denon – DP 200 USB – Fully Automatic Turntable System

The DP-200USB is a fully automatic record player that easily converts your analogue records into MP3 digital audio files and stores them onto a USB memory stick. Using USB memory makes it easy to transfer your digital files when you don’t have a PC near your record player. Converting your vinyl records to MP3 files just got a whole lot easier with the Denon DP-200USB. Simply insert a thumb drive into the front-panel USB port and press ‘Record.’ This fully automatic turntable converts your music to MP3 and saves it to the thumb drive – no PC required. You can also transfer your records directly to a USB-equipped MP3 player for immediate on-the-go listening.

After you transfer your vinyl to the thumb drive, you can edit the files on your PC using the included Trans Music Manager software. This flexible program lets you manually split tracks as you see fit, or you can take advantage of the automatic option that splits tracks when it detects brief periods of silence. It can also tap into Gracenote” to retrieve album and track information. A manual option lets you enter in your own information if you prefer.

Adding convenience doesn’t mean sacrificing quality – the DP-200USB includes a dynamically balanced tone arm and a cast aluminium platter for stable rotation. Stereo RCA outputs and a switchable phono preamp let you connect the DP-200USB to any audio system with an auxiliary or phono input.

Key Features:

·        Record analog records to a USB flash drive:

You can play back the tracks recorded on the USB flash drive on any audio device with USB playback. The "Trans Music Manager" software supplied with the DP- 200USB enables you to edit music files and titles on your PC.

·        Easy-To-Operate, Fully Automatic Player:

Simply press the When the record is finished the tone arm automatically returns to its original position and the turntable stops.

·        Equalizer Switch Provided:

The equalizer switch enables you to connect to a variety of audio devices such as pre-main amplifiers and radio cassette players.

·        Lightweight, Compact Design:

The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to use anywhere.

New Features:

·        Automatically converts LPs to MP3 (192 kbps).

·        USB port for a thumb drive or MP3 player (a direct connection to a PC is not possible).

·        Built-in phono preamp with bypass switch.

·        Fully automatic belt drive operation.

·        33-1/3 and 45 rpm playback speeds (45 rpm adapter included).

·        Front-mounted controls.

·        Balanced tone arm.

·        Includes moving magnet cartridge.

·        Cast aluminum platter.

·        Hinged dust cover.

·        Includes Trans Music Manager software.

·        Split tracks manually or automatically.

·        Manual and auto MusicID Record.

·        PC requirements: Windows XP/Vista/2000.

·        Wow & flutter: 0.15%.

·        Attached RCA audio cable.

Product Information:

Drive System

Belt Drive


DC Servo Motor


33-1/3, 45 rpm

Wow & Flutter

0.15 % WRMS

Tone Arm

Dynamic balanced type

Effective Arm Length

195 mm


MM type

Output Voltage

Equalizer OFF: 2.5 mV

Equalizer ON : 150 mV

Optimal Stylus Pressure

3.5 g

Replaceable Stylus Number


USB Port

USB recording, compatible with USB A and USB 1.1


Power Supply

AC 220 V, 60 Hz

Power Consumption

12 W

Maximum external dimensions

With dust cover closed: 360 (W) × 98 (H) × 358 (D) mm (14-11/64” x 3-55/64” x 14-3/32”)

With dust cover open: 360 (W) × 415 (H) × 363 (D) mm (14-11/64” x 16-11/32” x 14-19/64”)


3.2 kg (7 lbs 0.9 oz)

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