Chowki No.11 - 7EPE 7517 - Condition - 85-90%) - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record

Chowki No.11 (English: Checkpost No:11 ) is a 1978 Bollywood Action film, produced by Kuki on Reaching New Heights banner, Presented by Siddharthas[2] directed by V.K.Sobti.[3] Starring Vinod Mehra, Amjad Khan, Zarina Wahab, Aruna Irani, Kader Khan in lead roles, Jeetendra has given special appearance[4] and music composed by Sonik Omi.Vijay (Vinod Mehra) whose father Dindayal (Madhup Sharma) is brutally killed in front of him by a local goon Krishna (Kader Khan) in his childhood. He does not remember Krishna’s face but the tattoo on his hand has been fixed up in Vijay's mind. Time passes Krishna becomes KK grows as a huge Don, Vijay also becomes a deadly gangster in search of his father's killer and falls in love with Rajani (Zarina Wahab) a Kotiwaali. Shankar (Amjad Khan) another gangster who works for KK, whenever Shankar & Vijay come together they meet with enmity but afterward befriends and decides to work together. KK instances them a task to kidnap a child Jimmy (Master Bittoo) grandson of a multimillionaire Seth Chetan Das (Man Mohan) which they are successful. Afterward, Shanker realizes that Jimmy’s widowed mother none other than his ex-lover Shanno (Aruna Irani) and the child is his own, on Vijay’s request Shankar narrates his past.Shankar used to be a truck driver, most reliable person even to the Police and whose only truck which has not been scanned at most secured beachhead Check Post No: 11. KK wants to take advantage of this and use Shankar for his illegal business. Shankar loves Shanno one night both of them sexually assaults with each other. Shanno works as a servant for a rich man Jeeten (Jeetendra), son of Seth Chetan Das who is deceased with cancer and going to die in few days is very friendly in nature with Shanno. Once due to some complications Shanker capitulates towards KK’s deal to pass on his smuggled goods from Check Post No: 11 but he is caught and sentenced. At that time, Shanno is pregnant while she is trying to commit suicide Jeeten protects and marries her out of compassion. Now Shankar & Vijay decides to save Jimmy at any cost from KK. Shankar pays with his life while protecting Jimmy. Vijay takes revenge against KK and also recognizes that he is the person who killed his father by the tattoo on his hand. Finally, sends him to the brutal death.

Record Details


Chowki No.11 - 7EPE 7517

Star Cast

Zarina Wahab, Vinod Mehra, Vijay Bahel, Master Bittoo, Dimpi Chauhan, Krishan Dhawan, Gurbachan, Aruna Irani, Jagdeep, Amjad Khan, Kader Khan, Manmohan, Katy Mirza, Yunus Parvez, Master Ravi & Madhup Sharma


Shobha Gurtu, Vijayata Pandit, Mohd. Rafi & Manna Dey


C.K. Sobti




Sonik Omi


Vishweshwar Sharma & V. K. Sobti

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



The Gramophone Co. Of India Ltd.

Serial No

7EPE 7517

Side One

  • Kahin Ho Na Mohalle Mein Halla

Shobha Gurtu

Side Two

  • Mummy O Mummy Pyari Si Mummy

Vijayata Pandit

  • Kaise Rishtey Kaise Naatey

Mohd, Rafi & Manna Dey



7 Inches


45 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition

Excellent (Colour Photostate) 

Director - 1 C.K. Sobti
Lyrics - 1 Vishweshwar Sharma
Lyrics - 2 V. K. Sobti
Music - 1 Sonik
Music - 2 Omi
Producer - 1 Siddharthas
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1978
Size 7 Inches
Speed 45 RPM
Singer - 1 Shobha Gurtu
Singer - 2 Vijayata Pandit
Singer - 3 Mohd. Rafi
Singer - 4 Manna Dey
Side1 - Song1 Kahin Ho Na Mohalle Mein Halla
Side2 - Song1 Mummy O Mummy Pyari Si Mummy
Side2 - Song2 Kaise Rishtey Kaise Naatey
Star - 1 Vinod Mehra
Star - 2 Zarina Wahab
Star - 3 Vijay Bahel
Star - 4 Krishan Dhawan
Star - 5 Master Bittoo
Star - 6 Aruna Irani
Star - 7 Jagdeep
Star - 8 Amjad Khan
Star - 9 Kader Khan
Star - 10 Manmohan

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Chowki No.11 - 7EPE 7517 - Condition - 85-90%) - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record

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