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Chorni - 2618 7051 - LP Record
Chorni - 2618 7051 - LP Record
Chorni - 2618 7051 - LP Record
Chorni - 2618 7051 - LP Record
Chorni - 2618 7051 - LP Record
Chorni - 2618 7051 - LP Record
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Chorni  - 2618 7051

Circumstances force an innocent Deepa into the life of a hardened criminal. When a gang of spoiled rich young men Sukhdev cooks up a robbery and Deepa is locked up and sentenced to a remand home for six months. When she is out of the jail she is totally changed person. But then a twist in the story takes place when Justice Sinha, a judge in a juvenile court, comes upon Deepa. He decides to adopt Deepa as his daughter and save her from her criminal life. Deepa has to get rid of her street-smart ways and win over the family. All in Sinha's family starts loving her and even Dr. Vikram the young handsome family physician starts taking a personal interest in her, it looked as if things would turn out well after all. Dr. Vikram and Kishore, Sinha's elder son, help in grooming Deepa. In the process she and Vikram fell in love. But then trouble enters Deepa's life again. Deepa and Kishore remember where they had met each other before...

Record Details
TitleChorni  - 2618 7051
Star Cast
Jeetendra, Neetu Singh, Shreeram Lagoo, Indrani Mukherjee, Helen, Sonia Sahni, Jalal Agha, Leela Mishra, Anita & Sunder Taneja   
DirectorJyoti Swaroop 
ProducerV.K. Sood
MusicShankar Jaikishan
LyricsShailey Shailendra, Virender, Hasrat Jaipuri & Singaar 
Releasing Year1982
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
LabelInreco Records
Made InIndia
ManufactureThe Indian Record Manufacturing Co. Limited
Serial No2618 7051
Side One
  • Chorni Hoon Main
Lata Mangeshkar
  • Ang Se Achhi Hai 
Lata Mangeshkar
Side Two
  • Kahta Hai Dil 
Kishore Kumar
  • Hai Yeh Kaisa Nasha 
Asha Bhosle 
  • Dekha Hai Tumhen 
Kishore Kumar
Size12 Inches
Speed45 RPM
Record CondtionExcellent
Cover ConditionExcellent


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Director - 1Jyoti Swaroop
Lyrics - 1Hasrat Jaipuri
Lyrics - 2Shailey Shailendra
Lyrics - 3Virender
Lyrics - 4Singaar
Music - 1Shankar
Music - 2Jaikishan
Producer - 1V. K. Sood
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
LabelInreco Records
Releasing Year1982
Size12 Inches
Speed45 RPM
Singer - 1Lata Mangeshkar
Singer - 2Kishore Kumar
Singer - 3Asha Bhosle
Side1 - Song1Chorni Hoon Main
Side1 - Song2Ang Se Achhi Hai
Side2 - Song1Kahta Hai Dil
Side2 - Song2Hai Yeh Kaisa Nasha
Side2 - Song3Dekha Hai Tumhen
Star - 1Jeetendra
Star - 2Neetu Singh
Star - 3Indrani Mukherjee
Star - 4Helen
Star - 5Sonia Sahni
Star - 6Shreeram Lagoo
Star - 7Jalal Agha
Star - 8Leela Mishra
Star - 9Anita
Star - 10Sunder Taneja