Chashme Buddoor - 7EPE 7683

Two womanizing slackers, Omi and Jai (Rakesh Bedi and Ravi Baswani respectively) attempt to woo the new girl in the neighbourhood, and fail - miserably. Their third room-mate, shy, and a bookworm - succeeds, much to their chargin. The two scheme up comical ideas to split the two lovebirds, so that their secrets and humiliation are not revealed.
Record Details
Title Chashme Buddoor - 7EPE 7683
Star Cast
Farooq Shaikh,  Amitabh Bachchcan, Rekha, Deepti Naval, Saeed Jaffrey, Rakesh Bedi, Ravi Baswani, Leela Mishra, Vonod Joshi, Ranjan Grewal &Vinod Nagpal
Singer Yesudas, Haimanti Sukla, Shailendra Singh, Rajkamal, Anand Kumar C. & A. Hariharan
Director Sai Paranjpye
Producer Gul Anand
Music Rajkamal
Lyrics Indu Jain
Releasing Year 1981
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No. 7EPE 7683
Side One
  • Kahan Se Aaye Badra
Yesudas & Haimanti Sukla
  • Kaise Ho Pagal
Rajkamal & Haimanti Shukla
Side Two
  • Pyar Lagawat
Shailendra Singh, Anand Kumar C. & A. Hariharan
  • Kali Ghodi Dwar Khadi
Yesudas & Haimanti Shukla
Size 7 Inches
Speed 45 RPM
Record Condtion Excellent
Cover Condition Excellent



Director - 1 Sai Paranjpye
Lyrics - 1 Indu Jain
Music - 1 Rajkamal
Producer - 1 Gul Anand
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1981
Size 7 Inches
Speed 45 RPM
Singer - 1 Yesudas
Singer - 2 Haimanti Sukla
Singer - 3 Shailendra Singh
Singer - 4 Rajkamal
Singer - 5 Anand Kumar C.
Singer - 6 A Hariharan
Side1 - Song1 Kahan Se Aaye Badra
Side1 - Song2 Kaise Ho Pagal
Side2 - Song1 Pyar Lagawat
Side2 - Song2 Kali Ghodi Dwar Khadi
Star - 1 Farooq Shaikh
Star - 2 Amitabh Bachchcan
Star - 3 Rekha
Star - 4 Deepti Naval
Star - 5 Saeed Jaffrey
Star - 6 Rakesh Bedi
Star - 7 Ravi Baswani
Star - 8 Leela Mishra
Star - 9 Vonod Joshi
Star - 10 Ranjan Grewal

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Chashme Buddoor - 7EPE 7683 - EP Record

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