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C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record
C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record
C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record
C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record
C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record
C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record
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C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record

The legendary Indian singer C.H. Atma was born in 1923 in Hyderabad Sind (now called West Pakistan). He started singing as a hobby at College, one of his first jobs was a Radio Officer in an Airline, and little did he realize at the time that what started off as his hobby would one day become his career. C.H. Atma made his debut way back in 1945, with what is probably his best known song even today “Preetam Aan Milo”. The late Dalsukh Pancholi later gave him a chance to sing in his film “Nagina”, it was in this film that he scored a big hit with the song “Roun Main Sagar Ke Kinare” under the music direction of Shankar and Jaikishan. After which he sang and acted in many films. He successfully developed a wide circle of admirers by his frequent performances, both India and abroad. The melodious deep and rich voice of the late C. H. Atma was ideally suited for geets, ghazals and also bhajans. C. H. Atma was the elder brother of the popular singer Chandru Atma.

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C. H. Atma - S/33ESX 4260


C. H. Atma


C. K. Chauhan, Kersi Mistry, Vinod Chatterjee & K. L. Pardesi


Zafar Gorakhpuri, Sajan Bihari, K. L. Pardesi & Vinod Chatterjee

Releasing Year



Film Hits





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.

Serial No.

33ESX 4260

Side One

  • Kaisa Pyar Kahan Ki Mohabbat

C. H. Atma

  • Tujhbin Sooni Prem Dagariya

C. H. Atma

  • Kahne Ko Bahut Kuchh Tha

C. H. Atma

  • Ae Mere Dil Tu Kabhi

C. H. Atma

  • Kya Ummeed Karen Hum Unse

C. H. Atma

  • Aaj Us Shokh Ne Kya Janiye Socha Kya Hai 

C. H. Atma

Side Two

  • Jeevan Ek Adhura Sapna

C. H. Atma

  • Charagh-e-Mohabbat

C. H. Atma

  • Bus Tum Sunkar

C. H. Atma

  • Hazaron Gham Diye Tum Ne

C. H. Atma

  • Dekh Gagan Par Chand Sitare

C. H. Atma



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


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Lyrics - 1Zafar Gorakhpuri
Lyrics - 2Sajan Bihari
Lyrics - 3K. L. Pardesi
Lyrics - 4Vinod Chatterjee
Music - 1C. K. Chauhan
Music - 2Kersi Mistry
Music - 3Vinod Chatterjee
Music - 4K. L. Pardesi
Record Details
GenreFilm Hits
Releasing Year1970
Size12 Inches
Speed33 RPM
Singer - 1C. H. Atma
Side1 - Song1Kaisa Pyar Kahan Ki Mohabbat
Side1 - Song2Tujhbin Sooni Prem Dagariya
Side1 - Song3Kahne Ko Bahut Kuchh Tha
Side1 - Song4Ae Mere Dil Tu Kabhi
Side1 - Song5Kya Ummeed Karen Hum Unse
Side1 - Song6Aaj Us Shokh Ne Kya Janiye Socha Kya Hai
Side2 - Song1Jeevan Ek Adhura Sapna
Side2 - Song2Charagh-e-Mohabbat
Side2 - Song3Bus Tum Sunkar
Side2 - Song4Hazaron Gham Diye Tum Ne
Side2 - Song5Dekh Gagan Par Chand Sitare