Boot Polish - FT. 17514 - (Condition - 80-85%)

Toddlers Belu and Bhola share an uncertain future when their mom dies in the plague, and their dad is imprisoned. They are then left in the uncaring care of Kamla, their aunt, who moonlights as a prostitute. She is cruel,abusive and forces them to take to a life of begging on the local trains, on beaches and crowded areas in Bombay. This is how the toddlers grow up, they want to lead a respectable life, and with the help of bootlegger John, they get a shoe-shine kit and start shining shoes on busy sidewalks and railway platforms. Their circumstances face more uncertainty when Kamla finds out about their new-found profession, beats them up and throws them out of the house. They temporarily seek shelter with John, but when he is arrested, they have to fend for themselves. Things become bad to worse when Bombay enters the monsoon season, when people do not get their shoes shined; then the duo are separated - with Belu ending up with a rich family...

Record Details
Title Boot Polish - FT. 17514 - (Condition - 80-85%)
Star Cast Kumari Naaz, Rattan Kumar, David Abraham, Chand Burke, Veera, Bhupendra Kapoor, Shailendra, Mohanbali, Nassar & Bhudo Advani
Singer Manna Dey & Asha Bhosle
Director Prakash Arora
Producer Raj Kapoor
Music Shankar Jaikishan
Lyrics Deepak
Releasing Year 1954
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label The Twin
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No FT. 17514
Side One
  • Raat Gayi Phir Din Aata (Part-1)
Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle & Chorus
Side Two
  • Raat Gayi Phir Din Aata (Part-2)
Manna Dey, Asha Bhosle & Chorus
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Record Condtion 80-85%
Cover Condtion Excellent
Director - 1 Prakash Arora
Lyrics - 1 Deepak
Music - 1 Shankar
Music - 2 Jaikishan
Producer - 1 Raj Kapoor
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label Twin
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1954
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Manna Dey
Singer - 2 Asha Bhosle
Side1 - Song1 Raat Gayi Phir Din Aata (Part-1)
Side2 - Song1 Raat Gayi Phir Din Aata (Part-2)
Star - 1 Kumari Naaz
Star - 2 Rattan Kumar
Star - 3 David Abraham
Star - 4 Chand Burke
Star - 5 Veera
Star - 6 Bhupendra Kapoor
Star - 7 Shailendra
Star - 8 Mohanbali
Star - 9 Nassar
Star - 10 Bhudo Advani

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Boot Polish - FT. 17514 - (Condition - 80-85%)- 78 RPM

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