His Master's Gramophone

This Book Sets Out To Cover The Acoustic Gramophone Sold By The Grampohine Company In Great ritain From 1897 To 1960. May Alternative Versions Were offered Imn Overseas Markets, Some Exported From London, Other s Assembled locally But Using Parts Fro London Or, In The Early Period, From Victor. Attempting To Identfy All These Variations Would Prevent The Book From Ever seeing The Light Of Day, Which Is Why We Have Been Sold Here In Small Numbers,and  Have Accodingly Been Allowed Entry, As Have A Few special Or one - Off Models Not Found In Any Published Catalogue.
       The Order of Appearance Is Generally Chronolgical Wtihin Each Line Of Models, With Occasional Anomalies Such As The 1927 And 1928 Cabinet Grands Which Were SufficientlyDifferent From Their Predecessors To Be Treated As aeprate Categories.


Title  His Master's Gramophone
Publisher Brian Oakley & Chirstopher Proudfoot
Imprint LOTUS
Author David Hughes
Language English
Size  Pocket
Number of Pages 266 Pages


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His Master's Gramophone

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