Chowkidar in English is "watchman" or in looser terms, custodian of village security.......... Rural India in the 'seventies still had a dynamic that traces its roots to hereditary large land ownership called Jagir; and the master of the Jagir is called Jagirdar...... Typically the Jagirdar had wealth, guns and thugs to enforce his will on the people of the village...... Typically the Jagirdar owned everything that he casts his eyes on, including nubile women of the village..... His silky partner in crime is usually the money-lender who smoothly extracts property, jewellery and other assets from the simple farmers, or for that matter share-croppers, when their crops fail, or some other event upsets their precarious financial condition................ This is a story of feudalism in it's raw state. Since this film is a product of the seventies, horse drawn carts (tonga) and a certain simplicity of the village folk is exploited by the Jagirdar and his cohorts..... In comes the only son of the money-lender, a doctor (Sanjeev Kumar)who initially obtains goodwill by curing people, and providing financial assistance for recovery....... But then the long arm of the Jagirdar, his ability to incite the villagers develops the plot of the movie....... With his thugs,he is able to frame the Chowkidar, the doctor and threaten the well being of two women......... The Jagirdar has to deal with the sins of his father, and will he be able to be a man, acknowledge the crime of his father is the story that is pretty much worth a watch.


Title  Chowkidar
Star Cast Sanjeev Kumar, Yogeeta Bali, Vinod Khanna, Om Prakash, Jeevan, Sulochna, Sapru, Randhir, Zeb Rehman, Jayshree T., Asit Sen, Lalita Kumari, Joginder, Amrit Patel, Narbada Shankar, Uma Dhawan, Daljeet, Bimla, Dhanraj, Tilaraj, Babubhai,  kapila Sharma, Zebulnissa, Raj Rani, Maqbool, & Ram Mohan
Director Sham Ralhan
Producer Gopal Ralhan
Music Madan Mohan
Lyrics Rajinder Krishan
Genre Bollywood Books
Language Hindi
Number of Pages 4 Pages
Director - 1 Sham Ralhan
Lyrics - 1 Rajinder Krishan
Music - 1 Madan Mohan
Producer - 1 Gopal Ralhan
Star - 1 Sanjeev Kumar
Star - 2 Yogeeta Bali
Star - 3 Vinod Khanna
Star - 4 Om Prakash
Star - 5 Jeevan
Star - 6 Sulochna
Star - 7 Sapru
Star - 8 Randhir
Star - 9 Zeb Rehman
Star - 10 Jayshree T.

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