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Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record
Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record
Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record
Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record
Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record
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Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record
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Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265 - Angel - Cover Colour Photostate - EP Record

Baiju Bawra is a 1952 Hindi film directed by Vijay Bhatt. Produced by Prakash Pictures, with story by Ramchandra Thakur and dialogues by Zia Sarhadi, Baiju Bawra was a musical "megahit". Bhatt's decision to make a film based on classical music was met with scepticism by the Indian film industry due to its "lack of mass appeal", but the film and music turned out be an "overwhelming success". The film's music director was Naushad, who had become popular giving folk-based music in films like Rattan, Anmol Ghadi, Shahjehan (1946) and Deedar (1951). With Bhatt's Baiju Bawra, Naushad introduced classical component in Hindi film songs. The soundtrack based on light classical ragas, made use of folk, thumri or dadra, with a stronger raga used in the last contest song between Tansen and Baiju. The lyricist was Shakeel Badayuni, a Naushad discovery. For Baiju Bawra, he had to forgo Urdu, and write lyrics in pure Hindi, with songs like the bhajan, "Man Tadpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj", becoming popular. The film starred Bharat Bhushan as Baiju, with Meena Kumari playing his love interest Gauri. Meena made her acting debut in Bhatt's Leatherface (1939) as a seven-year-old. Surendra portrayed Tansen, one of the Navratans (music) in Akbar's court. Kuldip Kaur played the role of the dacoit queen Roopmati. The rest of the cast included Bipin Gupta, Manmohan Krishna, B. V. Vyas and Baby Tabassum. The film merges the legend of Baiju Bawra with the historic setting of Mughal Emperor Akbar's court in India. Baiju (Bhushan) is the son of a musician who also grows up to be a musician. He comes to believe that Tansen, the famed musician at the court of Akbar, is responsible for his father's death. The movie then follows Baiju's attempt to avenge his father's death by challenging Tansen to a musical duel. Even though there were many changes in the storyline from the original life of Baiju Bawra, the film was both a commercial and critical success and catapulted both its lead actors into stardom. Meena Kumari went on to win the first-ever Filmfare Best Actress Award in 1954, the first of four Best Actress trophies she won in her career. The film's music director, Naushad, also received the inaugural Filmfare Best   Music Director Award for the song "Tu Ganga Ki Mauj"; this was Naushad's first and only Filmfare Award win..

Record Details


Baiju Bawra - TAE 1265

Star Cast

Meena Kumari, Bharat Bhushan, Surendra, Kuldip Kaur, Bipin Gupta, Manmohan Krishna, B. M. Vyas, Mishra, Radhakrishan, Kesari, Rattan Kumar, Baby Tabassum, Rai Mohan, Bhagwanji, Nadir, Ramesh, Krishna Kumari, Sitaram Tikaram, Rajan Haksar, Tikaram & Umari Krishna


Mohd. Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar


Vijay Bhatt


Shankar Bhatt & Vijay Bhatt




Shakeel Badayuni

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



The Gramophone Company Of India Limited

Serial No.

TAE 1265

Side One

  • Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko

Mohd. Rafi

  • Tu Ganga Ki Mouj

Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshakar & Chorus

Side Two

  • O Duniya Ke Rakhwale

Mohd. Rafi



7 Inches


45 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition

Excellent (Colour Photostate)

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Director - 1Vijay Bhatt
Lyrics - 1Shakeel Badayuni
Music - 1Naushad
Producer - 1Shankar Bhatt
Producer - 2Vijay Bhatt
Record Details
GenreOriginal Soundtrack
Releasing Year1952
Size7 Inches
Speed45 RPM
Singer - 1Mohd. Rafi
Singer - 2Lata Mangeshkar
Side1 - Song1Man Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko
Side1 - Song2Tu Ganga Ki Mouj
Side2 - Song1O Duniya Ke Rakhwale
Star - 1Meena Kumari
Star - 2Bharat Bhushan
Star - 3Surendra
Star - 4Kuldip Kaur
Star - 5Bipin Gupta
Star - 6Manmohan Krishna
Star - 7B. M. Vyas
Star - 8Mishra
Star - 9Radhakrishan
Star - 10Kesari
Star - 11 Rattan Kumar
Star - 12Baby Tabassum
Star - 13Rai Mohan
Star - 14Bhagwanji
Star - 15Nadir
Star - 16 Ramesh
Star - 17Krishna Kumari
Star - 18Sitaram Tikaram
Star - 19Rajan Haksar
Star - 20 Tikaram