Babul - N. 36443 - (Used - Condition 70-75%)

This is the story of two widower fathers in Madhopur. The first one lives a poor lifestyle, and has a daughter by the name of Bela, who he hopes will get married to the new Postmaster, Ashok, who comes from a wealthy family. He is all the more thrilled when he finds out that Ashok is indeed taking more than an average interest in Bela and has even given her some jewelry. The second dad is Jamnadas, the father of Usha, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in a mansion. He would like her to get married to Vinod, the son of Ganga Prasad, but Usha is in love with Ashok. Who will Ashok marry?

Record Details
Title   Babul - N. 36443 - (Used - Condition 70-75%)‚Äč
Star Cast  
Dilip Kumar, Nargis Dutt, Munawar Sultana, Tun Tun, Amar, A Shah, Jankidas, Vinod, Ismail, Jugnu, Seema & Khursheed
Singer   Shamshad Begum, Talat Mehmood & Lata Mangeshkar
Director   S. U. Sunny 
Producer   Naushad
Music   Naushad 
Lyrics   Shakeel Badayuni
Releasing Year   1950
Genre   Original Soundtrack
Language   Hindi
Label   HMV
Made In   India
Manufacture   The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.
Serial No.   N. 36443
Side One
  • Duniya Badal Gayi
  Shamshad Begum &Talat Mehmood
Side Two
  • Kisi Ke Dil Mein
  Shamshad Begum & Lata Mangeshkar
Size   10 Inches
Speed   78 RPM
Record Condtion   70-75%
Cover Condtion   Excellent
Director - 1 S. U. Sunny
Lyrics - 1 Shakeel Badayuni
Music - 1 Naushad
Producer - 1 Naushad
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1950
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Singer - 1 Talat Mehmood
Singer - 2 Lata Mangeshkar
Singer - 3 Shamshad Begum
Side1 - Song1 Duniya Badal Gayi
Side2 - Song1 Kisi Ke Dil Mein
Star - 1 Dilip Kumar
Star - 2 Nargis Dutt
Star - 3 Munawar Sultana
Star - 4 Tun Tun
Star - 5 A Shah
Star - 6 Jankidas
Star - 7 Vinod
Star - 8 Ismail
Star - 9 Jugnu
Star - 10 Seema

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Babul - N.36443 - (Used - Condition 70-75%)- 78 RPM

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