Babla And His Orchestra - 6405 621 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record

Babla Shah, drummer, percussionist, live performing artist, composer and record producer (b. Lxmichand Shah 1942, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India), started his band popularly called Babla Orchestra in 1962, and since then performed over a thousand dance concerts and music shows around the planet.

Shah was perhaps at his most active when touring with Kumari Kanchan Dinkerao Mail Shah in the 1980s, as the CD music revolution in pop music was first taking hold.

A form of Folk Dance from the state of Gujarat called Dandiya Raas or Garba Raas was musically redefined by Babla Shah in the 1970s at his live Navratri Music Performances in India, the USA, Australia, Singapore, Canada, London, and many other places.

The dance music for these sensual folk dances came to be termed chutney (from a morph on the culinary term chutney) and was later credited to having originated in Trinidad and Tobago, due to its prominent semi-traditional Indian-ancestry population. However, sources insist that it was this lively duo and their efforts to revive the hit songs of lesser-known chutney pioneers like Sundar Popo that truly made chutney the international dance phenomenon it is to this day.

However, the music soon took on a trajectory and had a life of its own and became a Caribbean-origin popular style in its own right, arguably cross-pollinating and influencing various other popular styles. Chutney music and dance concerts remain popular social and cultural events in the so-called Lesser Antilles until today, and perhaps due in part to the touring groundwork laid by Babla & Kanchan decades earlier, is arguably an important pillar of Caribbean culture.

Because popular music tends to be released en masse (e.g., dance music compilations often used by DJs to cover a wide variety of styles), chutneys origin as a primarily Indian style may have become somewhat unknown.

Babla Shah is popularly called India's "Pioneer of Disco Dandiya".

In the year 2011 Shah was awarded the Radio Mirchi (one of India's largest FM broadcast networks) Music Award for Outstanding Contribution to Hindi Film Music.

He has served as a Rhythm Arranger & Music Producer in over 100 Indian feature films alongside veteran Music composers such as Padmashri Kalyanji Anandji.

Shah started playing rhythms in live performances at eight years old with his elder music composer brothers, to their combined acclaim. As a Music Director on his own, he has also composed music for several Indian films.

Babla Shah was also credited as the first music director to add the then-new sounds of rapidly tunable "Roto Tom" drums in soundtrack recordings for the iconic Indian original song “Laila O Laila” sung by his wife Kanchan in the 1980 film Qurbani.

After appearing as a playback singer in the films Rafoo Chakkar, Dharamatma and Qurbani, Kanchan joined her husband and together they performed and toured around the globe.

Their international engagements (playing live shows and orchestra music) then kept them away from Hindi (Bollywood) film music. They were mostly popular in Caribbean countries, where they covered soca hits like "Hot Hot Hot" and they also revived older hits by their chutney music predecessor singer Sundar Popo. Due to their extensive touring support, their LP albums including Kuch Gadbad Hai sold well for an Indian group traveling abroad.

Kanchan's solo albums like Kaise Bani were popular with the Bhojpuri audience. Her fame led to product endorsement deals for promoting various consumer brands including those of Johnson & Johnson.

According to film music expert Rajesh Subramanian the song "Khaike Pan Banaraswala" was composed by Babla.

Babla Shah is still actively performing music across India, and he occasionally appears at selected shows abroad, where his decades of works created as artist, producer and Caribbean cultural icon have elevated his profile to a beloved and legendary status.[citation needed.

Record Details


Babla And His Orchestra - 6405 621




Babla & Kalyanji Anandji

Releasing Year








Made In



Polydor of India Ltd

Serial No.

6405 621

Side One

  • Babla's Theme


  • Awara Sadiyon Se (Film - The Witness)


  • Mere Jeevan Kora Kagaz (Film - Kora Kagaz)


  • Tum Mile Pyar Se (Film - Apradh)


  • Mile Do Badan (Film - Blackmail)


Side Two

  • Title Music (Film - Johnny Mera Naam)


  • Are Diwano (Film - Don)


  • Zindagi Ka Safar (Film- Safar)


  • Kya Khoob Lagti Ho (Film - Dharmatma)


  • Yeh Pal Chanchal Kho Na Dena (Film - Kalicharan)




12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Artist - 1 Babla
Music - 1 Babla
Music - 2 Kalyanji
Music - 3 Anandji
Record Details
Genre Instrumental
Label Philips
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1977
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Side1 - Song1 Babla's Theme
Side1 - Song2 Awara Sadiyon Se (Film - The Witness)
Side1 - Song3 Mere Jeevan Kora Kagaz (Film - Kora Kagaz)
Side1 - Song4 Tum Mile Pyar Se (Film - Apradh)
Side1 - Song5 Mile Do Badan (Film - Blackmail)
Side2 - Song1 Title Music (Film - Johnny Mera Naam)
Side2 - Song2 Are Diwano (Film - Don)
Side2 - Song3 Zindagi Ka Safar (Film- Safar)
Side2 - Song4 Kya khoob Lagti Ho (Film - Dharmatma)
Side2 - Song5 Yeh Pal Chanchal Kho Na Dena (Film - Kalicharan)

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Babla And His Orchestra - 6405 621 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record

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