Ashok Khosla - Ta-Aruf - 2393 994 - (Conditon 90-95%) - LP Record

Ashok Khosla is an Indian environmentalist currently based in Delhi. He received his PhD in experimental physics from Harvard University with a doctoral dissertation in the hyperfine structure of hydrogen halide isotopes. He is the co-chair of United Nations Environment Programme’s International Resource Panel (UNEP-IRP) and is internationally known for pioneering and contributing to sustainable development. He is recognized for popularizing the word and concept of "sustainability" in international forums. He was actively involved in various projects that defined the environmental views and activities of institutions such as UNEP, UNESCO, UNU, the U.S. Academy of Sciences, IUCN, and the ICSU/SCOPE.Khosla was born in Lahore on 31 March 1940. His father was a university professor and diplomat, and his mother was a college lecturer. Khosla’s family moved to Delhi from Lahore in 1947 after the Partition of India. He pursued an M.A. in Natural Sciences from Peterhouse, Cambridge University. Additionally, he completed and received his PhD in experimental physics at Harvard University. In 1965, he helped design and taught the first undergraduate course on environment at the University as an assistant to Professor Roger Revelle. Khosla was exposed to the issues of sustainable development during his time as a graduate student at Harvard University, while studying experimental physics. In 1964, Khosla met Professor Roger Revelle at the Population Center at Harvard. Revelle, who had been the head of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and science advisor to President John F. Kennedy, was a pioneer in applying science to issues of social relevance. This was a meeting of minds and Khosla quickly became a student and collaborator of Professor Revelle. They worked together closely for over a decade exploring the relationships between people, their resources, and the environment. Khosla helped Revelle design and teach the groundbreaking undergraduate course, "Natural Sciences 118." This eventually led them to jointly publish The Survival Equation: Man, Resources, and His Environment which was the first definitive textbook on the subject.. At the time, much of the environmental literature available (for example, authors such as Paul Ehrlich and the Paddock Brothers) projected an apocalyptic future, whereas the message of The Survival Equation was one of hope. Its view was that while it is certainly true that forces and pressures to destroy the planet’s life support systems do exist, so does the knowledge to reorient the behavior of economies and prevent this from happening. The course and the book itself, had a considerable influence on the field of resource management and the environment. In fact, The Earth in Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit , written by a student of the course, Al Gore, pays extensive homage to this course.Upon completion of his PhD in experimental physics, Ashok was asked by the Government of India to establish the Office of Environmental Planning and Coordination (OEPC), the first national environmental agency in the Third World.As director of the OEPC, he worked closely with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, to introduce a broad range of methodological and institutional innovations necessary for managing environmental resources in a developing country such as India. These innovations included methods for assessing environmental impact and outcome, creating legal and institutional frameworks for pollution monitoring and control, managing the conservation of natural resources and wildlife, guidelines for the preservation of cultural heritage, and creating national institutions for research, training, and promoting awareness. Much of Khosla’s early effort was geared to what he called “strengthening the capacity” of public agencies and members of the civil society to bring about the changes needed to enhance environmental quality in the country.

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Ashok Khosla - Ta-Aruf - 2393 994 


Ashok Khosla


Kuldeep Singh


Quisar - Ul - Jafri, Jan Nisar Akhtar, Qateel Shifai, Zafar Gorakhpuri & Paiyam Saeedi

Releasing Year







Music India 

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Music India Ltd.

Serial No.

2393 994

Side One

  • Raaste Bhar Ro Ro Ke 

Ashok Khosla

  • Zulfen Seena Naaf Kamar 

Ashok Khosla

  • Jab Tere Shehr Se Guzar Ta Hun 

Ashok Khosla

Side Two

  • Jab Lage Zakhm To 

Ashok Khosla

  • Mein Akela Chala Ja Raha 

Ashok Khosla

  • Ghurur Husn Pe 

Ashok Khosla



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Lyrics - 1 Quisar - Ul - Jafri
Lyrics - 2 Jan Nisar Akhtar
Lyrics - 3 Qateel Shifai
Lyrics - 4 Zafar Gorakhpuri
Lyrics - 5 Paiyam Saeedi
Music - 1 Kuldeep Singh
Record Details
Genre Ghazals
Label Music India
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1984
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Ashok Khosla
Side1 - Song1 Raaste Bhar Ro Ro Ke
Side1 - Song2 Zulfen Seena Naaf Kamar
Side1 - Song3 Jab Tere Shehr Se Guzar Ta Hun
Side2 - Song1 Jab Lage Zakhm To
Side2 - Song2 Mein Akela Chala Ja Raha
Side2 - Song3 Ghurur Husn Pe

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Ashok Khosla - Ta-Aruf - 2393 994 - (Conditon 90-95%) - LP Record

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