Alfred Rose And Rita Rose - Kantarancho Jhelo - ECSD 2848 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record


Rosario Alfred Fernandes (5 August 1932 − 21 October 2003), better known by his stage name Alfred Rose was a Goan tiatrist. Alfred Rose was born in Lankdem - Carona, Aldona to tiatrist A. M. B. Rose (Ambrose Fernandes) and Dolarosa Fernandes. He was initially given the nickname Junior Rose by tiatrist C. Alvares, being the youngest among the actors at the time his tiatr debut in 1943. He took the name Alfred Rose in 1950. He is one of the most popular tiatrists even after his death, with websites dedicated to him. Alfred Rose was known as The Melody King of Goa. Alfred Rose has many firsts to his credit. He brought out the first Konkani audio cassette.[1] He has the distinction of publishing fourteen song books containing lyrics of the numerous songs he has cut on disc. His novel Vingans Monte Cristochem, based on the famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo of Alexander Dumas, based on the father of hypnotism - Abbe Faria. His novels include Munis vo Devchar, which is based on his drama by the same title. He introduced the concept of non-stop drama in Konkani with his presentation of Director Saib in 1961. Alfred Rose is also credited with recording eight songs in a single day. Alfred acted in Konkani films like Amchem Noxib and Sukhachem Sopon. He provided the musical score, sang, wrote the lyrics for and acted in the Konkani film Bogllant starring Prem Kumar with Rose's wife, Rita Rose - herself a very good singer. He produced and directed his first tiatr Hench Tem Karan in 1956. Some of his hit tiatrs were Rogtak Tannelelo, Lakhpoti Nouro, Dotor Advogad, Bhangaracho Voti, Angounnechi Okol, Munis vo Deuchar, Pessaumcar, Nirmon vo Formonn and Natalanchi Bhett. Alfred Rose also composed music for Bollywood films. The Hindi film Love in Goa has music composed by him. He had his own band called Rosebuds Swing Band along with his brothers Marshall and Albert. He has performed not only in various parts of India but also in London, Paris, Frankfurt and the Middle East. The singer with a Panama hat on his head and a magic wand in his hand delivering the opening song for tiatrs has become the most identifiable image of Alfred Rose.


Record Details



Alfred Rose And Rita Rose – Kantarancho Jhelo – ECSD 2848



Alfred Rose, Engelbert Rose & Rita Rose


Releasing Year




Alfred Rose



Alfred Rose



Private Songs








Made In




The Gramophone Co. Of India Ltd.


Serial No.

ECSD 2848


Side One


  • Godddxem - Disco Beat

Alfred Rose


  • Ankvar Ravtelim

Rita Rose


  • Mog Soglleancho

Engelbert Rose


  • Dotorancho Dotor

Alfred Rose


  • Kalliz Ostorechem

Rita Rose


Side Two


  • Pornem Volter - Disco Beat

Alfred Rose


  • Kazar Mojem Zalem

Rita Rose


  • Familicho Ekvott

Alfred Rose


  • Fuddaracho Kunvor

Rita Rose


  • Osole Nokre Korunk Zai

Alfred Rose & Rita Rose





12 Inches



33 RPM


Record Condition



Cover Condition



Lyrics - 1 Alfred Rose
Music - 1 Alfred Rose
Record Details
Genre Private Songs
Label HMV
Language English
Releasing Year 1980
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33RPM
Singer - 1 Alfred Rose
Singer - 2 Engelbert Rose
Singer - 3 Rita Rose
Side1 - Song1 Godddxem - Disco Beat
Side1 - Song2 Ankvar Ravtelim
Side1 - Song3 Mog Soglleancho
Side1 - Song4 Dotorancho Dotor
Side1 - Song5 Kalliz Ostorechem
Side2 - Song1 Pornem Volter - Disco Beat
Side2 - Song2 Kazar Mojem Zalem
Side2 - Song3 Familicho Ekvott
Side2 - Song4 Fuddaracho Kunvor
Side2 - Song5 Osole Nokre Korunk Zai

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Alfred Rose And Rita Rose - Kantarancho Jhelo - ECSD 2848 - (Condition 85-90%) - LP Record

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