About Us

New Gramophone House was established in 1930 at Anarkali bazaar , Lahore, by founder chairperson Late Sh. Bhagwan Dass Rajpal. It was a leading store in wholesale & retail for 78 RPM records, gramophone players, needles & other spares, exclusice dealer for HMV, The gramophone company of India.

In 1947 at the time of partition, New Gramophone House was shifted to Chandni Chowk, Delhi – 6, achieving new height of business. Being leaders in sales of 78 RPM records & players , in 1960 New gramophone House entered in 2nd generation vinyl records 12” 33.1/3 RPM & 7” 45 RPM also with electric record players & turntables . Not only this NGH has also got it’s 2nd generation MD Mr. Ramesh Rajpal S/o SH. Bhagwan Dass Rajpal at the same time. As usually 1+1=11, they both expanded their limits to new heights, one of the leading distributers for HMV, big importer for gramophone needles & spares, had set many records & won many trophies for sales in vinyls.

As time never remains same, with the production of audio cassettes, vinyls had a great fall in demand & as audio cd’s entered market, it was just end of vinyls. In 1993 all music companies stop manufacturing vinyls in India, but the biggest loss for NGH was it’s founder chairperson at same time.

As most of vinyls sellers were leaving their business or switched to another business, NGH still had a large customers profile of real music lovers, as having the biggest music collection on vinyls NGH never had to think for another option.

but after 2000, with the joining of 3rd generation Mr. Anuj Rajpal, S/o Mr. Ramesh Rajpal, NGH had attached music lovers even from across the borders & again became undisputed leader in vinyls sales & now since 2010 NGH had moved 1 step ahead by restarting vinyl producton of Indian music, acting as a sole distributers for all music companies, NGH is the only name today in Indian vinyl market & for Indian vinyls across the world.