Aa Gale Lag Jaa - 602567734048 - LP Record

Preeti is a wealthy young medical student living in Mumbai with her widower father, Heerachand. While on a trip to Simla, she meets and falls in love with Prem; they get intimate with each other. Prem asks Heerachand for his daughter's hand in marriage. Preeti's father refuses, on the ground that the hard-up Prem is not worthy of her. Prem leaves Preeti a note, explaining that her father refused the alliance and that he is heading to meet his mother, who is very sick. Heerachand gets hold of the letter before Preeti. He changes the letter with a fake one that says Prem is going away because Heerachand has refused to provide any monetary compensation.Years later, Prem and Preeti are fated to meet again. This time, Prem is accompanied by a handicapped boy, Rahul, while Preeti is about to get engaged to Dr. Amar. It is revealed that Rahul is Prem's and Preeti's son. Prem has come to Dr. Amar for Rahul's treatment. Preeti was pregnant when her father sent Prem away. She gave birth to a baby, but her father told her that it was still-born. Prem took his son and promised Heerachand that he would never tell Preeti about the child. Dr. Amar treats Rahul as Preeti tries to hide her past from Dr. Amar. Preeti learns the truth about Rahul's birth and confronts her father, who confesses and asks her forgiveness while Rahul is united with his parents.

Record Details


Aa Gale Lag Jaa - 602567734048

Star Cast

Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Master Tito, Omprakash, Asrani, Shatrughan Sinha, Jagdeep, Shubha Khote, Gajanan Jagirdar, Sulochana Latkar, Roohi Berde, Jillani, Hari Kapoor, Krishna Billa, Maqbool, Prathiba & Master Tito


Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar & Sushma Shreshta


Manmohan Desai


A K Nadiadwala


Rahul Dev Burman


Sahir Ludhianvi

Releasing Year



Original Soundtrack





Made In



Universal Music Group

Serial No


Side One

  • Tera Mujhse

Kishore Kumar

  • Wada Karo

Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar

  • Naa Koi Dil Mein Samaya

Kishore Kumar

  • Tera Mujhse

Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar

Side Two

  • Ai Mera Bete (Part - 1)

Kishore Kumar & Sushma Shrestha

  • Ai Mera Bete (Part - 2)

Kishore Kumar



12 Inches


33 RPM

Record Condition


Cover Condition


Director - 1 Manmohan Desai
Lyrics - 1 Sahir Ludhianvi
Music - 1 Rahul Dev Burman
Producer - 1 A K Nadiadwala
Record Details
Genre Original Soundtrack
Label Universal
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1973
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Singer - 1 Lata Mangeshkar
Singer - 2 Kishore Kumar
Singer - 3 Sushma Shreshta
Side1 - Song1 Tera Mujhse
Side1 - Song2 Wada Karo
Side1 - Song3 Naa Koi Dil Mein Samaya
Side1 - Song4 Tera Mujhse
Side2 - Song1 Ai Mera Bete (Part - 1)
Side2 - Song2 Ai Mera Bete (Part - 2)
Star - 1 Shashi Kapoor
Star - 2 Sharmila Tagore
Star - 3 Master Tito
Star - 4 Omprakash
Star - 5 Asrani
Star - 6 Shatrughan Sinha
Star - 7 Jagdeep
Star - 8 Shubha Khote
Star - 9 Gajanan Jagirdar
Star - 10 Sulochana Latkar
Star - 11 Roohi Berde
Star - 12 Jillani
Star - 13 Hari Kapoor
Star - 14 Krishna Billa
Star - 15 Maqbool
Star - 16 Prathiba
Star - 17 Master Tito

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Aa Gale Lag Jaa - 602567734048 - LP Record

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