Instrumental-Dastan & Dulari - N. 15931 - (Used - Condition 85-90%)


Indira (Suraiya) is an orphan brought up the strict and uprighteous Rani (Veena). Indira grows up to be a beauty and is sought by three suitors Raj (Raj Kapoor), Kundan (Al Nasir), and Ramesh (Suresh). Rani does not like Indira to marry into her family as both Raj and Kundan are her brothers, and she wants Indira to marry Ramesh, and as such arranges a meeting with Ramesh's mom (Pratima Devi) and finalizes the marriage. Indira does not appreciate this and refuses to marry Ramesh. Raj speaks of his love with Rani, and Rani warns him that Indira is to marry Ramesh, but also has an on-going affair with his brother Kundan. Who does Indira really love? Will she ever marry her dream man?
Prem Shankar lives a wealthy life-style circa after the British Rule in India, with his businessman father, Girija, and housewife mother, Kamini. He is now of marriageable age, and his parents would like him to marry Seth Heerachand's daughter, but Prem wants to marry someone of his own choice, without any pressure from his parents. He befriends a young woman named Kasturi, who falls in love with him. Prem also meets with a gypsy woman named Dulari, and falls head over heels in love with her. When his father finds out, he is enraged, forbids Prem to ever see Dulari again, and warns him that he can only marry a woman from a good and wealthy family background. It is now up to Prem to decide to follow his father's instructions or do as his heart tells him.
Dastan - Movie Details
Movie Instrumental-Dastan & Dulari - N. 15931
Star Cast
Raj Kapoor, Suraiya, Murad, Al Nasir, Veena, Suresh, Pratima Devi, S N Banerjee, Shakeela, Laxman, Surendra, Anwari & Krishna Kumar
Director A R Kardar
Producer K Aggarwal
Music Naushad 
Lyrics Shakeel Badayuni
Genral Instrumental
Instrument Orchestra
Releasing Year 1950
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label HMV
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No. N. 15931
Dulari - Movie Details
Movie Dulari- N. 15931
Star Cast Suresh, Madhubala, Geeta Bali, Jayant, Amar, Pratima Devi, Nawab & Shyam Kumar
Director Abdul Rashid Kardar
Producer Abdul Rashid Kardar
Music Naushad
Lyrics Shakeel Badayuni
Genral Instrumental
Instrument Orchestra
Releasing Year 1949
Side One
  • Snake Charmer Dance Music
Side Two
  • Dagger Dance
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Record Condtion 85-90%
Cover Condition Excellent


Director - 1 Abdul Rashid Kardar
Instrument - 1 Orchestra
Lyrics - 1 Shakeel Badayuni
Music - 1 Naushad
Producer - 1 K. Aggarwal
Producer - 2 Abdul Rashid Kardar
Record Details
Genre Instrumental
Label HMV
Language Hindi
Releasing Year 1959 & 1950
Size 10 Inches
Speed 78 RPM
Side1 - Song1 Snake Charmer Dance Music
Side2 - Song1 Dagger Dance
Star - 1 Raj Kapoor
Star - 2 Suraiya
Star - 3 Murad
Star - 4 Al Nasir
Star - 5 Veen
Star - 6 Suresh
Star - 7 Madhubala
Star - 8 Geeta Bali
Star - 9 Jayant
Star - 10 Amar

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Instrumental-Dastan & Dulari - N.15931 - (Used - Condition 85-90%)

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