Bollywood Posters is a collection of interesting Bollywood posters spanning several decades of Hindi cinema.

Summary Of The Book

Bollywood Posters is a compilation of Hindi movie posters over the decades. It is a collection that will delight the Hindi movie aficionado, as also those who are interested in tracing every aspect of the history of Bollywood in India.

Movie posters are an ubiquitous feature in India. They are prominently displayed not just in theatres and hoardings, but also decorate the walls of private houses and public buildings. The colorful images, the scene depicted, the bold colors, and the text come together to impress themselves on the viewers’ memory and pique their curiosity.

Bollywood Posters contains posters from the early decades of the 20th century to the first decade of the new millennium. Most of the posters are vintage hand-drawn editions rather than modern digital versions. The posters provide an interesting historical perspective into the Bombay film industry.

Some of the posters have been spread over two pages. The collection is sure to be of special interest to collectors of movie-related memorabilia. The posters are organized according to film genres such as romance, action, and fantasy.

About The Authors

Jerry Pinto is an Indian writer and journalist. Other books by Pinto include Helen: The Life And Times Of An H-Bomb, Em And The Big Hoom, and Confronting Love: Poems. His first published work was Surviving Women, in 2000. It was followed by an anthology of poems, Asylum And Other Poems, in 2003. He writes poetry and children’s fiction. He also writes about the Bollywood movie industry.

Pinto was born in 1966 in a Goan Roman Catholic family. He grew up in Mumbai and graduated from Elphinstone College with a degree in Liberal Arts. Pinto also has a law degree from the Government Law College of Mumbai. His biography of the actress Helen, The Life and Times Of An H-Bomb, won him the Award for the Best Book on Cinema.

Sheena Sippy is a photojournalist. Apart from this one, she has contributed to a book called Lights, Camera, Masala. Her books concentrate on the Bombay film industry. Sippy specializes in movie and food photography. Her work has been featured in many leading magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Time. She lives with her two children in Mumbai.

Author Jerry Pinto & Sheena Sippy
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Imprint IMPORT
Publication Year 2009
Language English
Number of Pages 208 Pages


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