Are you going to give some perfect gift to your friend or family members? Think again!!


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Today I will tell you reasons, why vinyl is the perfect gift?

When you are going to give something special to your family members or friends. Are you sure you are going perfect? So, I will tell you one thing you are not alone in the que..

But, coming  up with the quality gift that you should be proud to give to your close ones. That’s literally a tough task. But there is one way to make sure that your gift is  the best gift for your love ones.

Whether your friend or family member loves classical, jazz, or indo-western, there are millions of vinyl records for sale.

Here are some reasons why vinyl makes the perfect gift for your family and friends :-


There are new innovations in playing vinyl: Turntable technology has gotten much better over the years and even led to some interesting designs and innovations. For example: There is currently a kickstarter for a portable vinyl player that will play your records on any flat surface, no big machinery necessary.

The Sound Quality Is Superior

Experts agree, vinyl provides a far superior sound quality than digital files. While some are content to have the convenience of digital audio files, the rest of us would prefer to actually hear the music we’re listening to. Vinyl makes it possible to become one with the music, and that’s something you can’t get with other mediums.


More artists are putting their music on vinyl: Record companies have been catching on to the vinyl trend as of late. Many artists who have never put their music on vinyl before, like Rihanna, are going back and reissuing their entire catalogs on the medium. Many new albums are being pressed for the first time with their CD and MP3 counterparts. This is great news if you have a music lover in your life who likes vinyl.

It offers a More Intimate Experience

The simple act of listening to a vinyl record is a life changing experience. The feeling you get as you pull out a vinyl from a case is incomparable. As a larger format, it is heavy to the touch and creates its own sensory experience. The sound quality is better: It’s actually a fact, music pressed on vinyl is better than MP3s. Basically, buying your loved one a vinyl record could perk up their mood when they listen to it compared to listening to the same album on their phone.

Tangible Item

It feels good to hold a tangible item: The thing about vinyl records and why they have become so popular in this age of compact, mobile technology, is that you can hold them in your hands. It’s very ceremonial to take the record out of its sleeve, put it on the turntable, lower the needle and play it. This same thing implies with books & taking notes. Some things are better than offline. By giving someone a vinyl record, you’re saying more than just “here, have some music.” You’re saying “enjoy your music”.

Now you just make sure you pick the right album for the right person.

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